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101RECIPES Coffee shortcrust pastry biscuits

101RECIPES Coffee shortcrust pastry biscuits

101RECIPES101RECIPES: Coffee shortcrust pastry biscuitsA delicate balance of sweetness and intensity for a shortcrust coffee biscuit, crisp, crumbly and tasty. Ingredients for 10 people 10 g ground Sicilian coffee 300 g of flour 00 150 g of butter 100 g of powdered...

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Kuwait City – 101CAFFE’ Grand Opening

Kuwait City – 101CAFFE’ Grand Opening

101NEWS Kuwait City - 101CAFFE’ Grand OpeningA year ago the first 101CAFFE store in the Gulf Countries opened in Kuwait City, inside “The Avenues”, the largest shopping mall in the GCC countries. Now that the great area dedicated to big Italian brands is finally over...

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101PRODUCTS101CAFFE' FLAVOURED GROUND COFFEE: ALL TASTES FROM “A” TO “Z”Flavoured ground coffee by 101CAFFE’ is rich in aromas and noble ingredients, such as star anise, cinnamon, mandarin, coconut, ginger, combined with coffee beans to create special taste in cup....

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101CAFFE’ is a brand specialized in the sale of premium coffee in pods, capsules, beans and ground, from the best Italian artisanal roastieries, through a network of franchised stores.
In addition to the uncommon choice of coffee blends, in 101CAFFE’ stores you find a wide range of alternative drinks, coffee machines, accessories, and a line of local pastry products in small size, called Le Sfiziosità® (meaning “something delicious”), a trademark owned by 101 Caffè srl.

Many shops in Italy and worldwide


In 2011 the pilot store started up with the purpose to test the commercial formula.
In November 2012, after one year of testing, 101CAFFE’ attended for the first time the Salone del Franchising in Milan. After that, the first shop 101CAFFE’ in franchising opened, giving way to many other openings in Italy. Over the course of 6 years, the network has grown steadily, thus consolidating the concept which is well-structured in Italy and abroad.

“I want to take our customers on a journey to discover the Italian origins of the espresso, coming from our exclusive local roasteries. We tell the stories of the territory and the craftsmanship in every cup of coffee, allowing them live a real Italian taste experience in every sip.”.

Umberto Gonnella,
CEO and founder 101CAFFE’



For every coffee maker

Premium Coffee

Gourmet Coffee and other Drinks

Ristretto Coffee Prices

Le Sfiziosità™

Coffee Makers and Accessories


Coffee roasted in Italy


Selected in Italy


Italian excellence


Italian taste

The development model

“I chose to develop 101CAFFE with the franchising formula because it is a very effective business model both for franchisors and franchisees, working together with the” win win “strategy, where everyone is a winner, each in his own role”.

Umberto Gonnella,
CEO and founder 101CAFFE’


in Italy

101CAFFE’ considers extremely important to grow and consolidate every single local point of sale, in order to make the whole network keep growing, thus achieving their own results.


Starting from 2017 101CAFFE' has started developing abroad, with its first step into Switzerland. The quality and range of products, the beauty of the stores and the performing business model are bringing the shops to every part of the world; they are welcome with enthusiasm by the consumers of every culture.


November 2018


October 2018


October 2017

Kuwait City

December 2018

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Sempre più stuzzicanti i topping 101CAFFE'.
A Mandorla, Nocciola, Nocciola e Cacao, Nocciola e Latte, Pistacchio si aggiungono ora:
☕ Toffee Mou - crema al gusto di caramello toffee con burro e panna
☕ Espresso alla Nocciola, con pasta di caffè e vere nocciole tostate

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