101PRODUCTS: 101 ways to start the day well

Positive thoughts or images of the day that awaits us, a cold or hot shower, yoga or a run around the neighbourhood: the many ways to start the day reflect our character, our culture, the seasons (even those of life) and of course our tastes: especially when it comes to breakfast!


WHATEVER YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST, 101CAFFE’ has the perfect product for you


A strong coffee for…

Those who are a “cold shower” type of person, who wake up with their mind already at work but the body struggles to get up, breakfast is a coffee on the run: even better if it’s a Neapolitan coffee, a Napoletano blend from 101CAFFE’s Premium line, tasty and strong, which catapults you directly into the most hectic day leaving your dreams on the pillow. In just a few quick actions, with the pod or capsule for your coffee maker, whatever it is. And go!


A light coffee for…

An energetic awakening, but not too much: if your standard is the balance of a “warm shower”, your coffee is light, maybe a little long, aromatic but never strong, like the 101CAFFE’s 100% Arabica, including Mezdè, which despite its name (“noon” in Romagna dialect) is the perfect start to the day in the right rhythm. Floral and citrus aromas to let you dream just a moment more in the arms of Morpheus.


A cappuccino for…

Comfortably getting up early, for those whose bed is a magnet and only a cappuccino is in your mind but with only one eye open and the other still closed you have no intention of going to the coffee bar….
No problem! With the simple action of a capsule, your cappuccino is ready in a moment: soft, creamy, delicious: 101CAFFE’’s cappuccino is the best way to start your day, different every day: whether it’s with coffee, barley, soy, mini or large, it’s always and only your beloved cappuccino.


A lemon tea for…

Sun salutation, meditation, yoga: if this is the way you start your day, a good lemon tea is probably the centre of your breakfast. With 101CAFFE’ teas, soluble or leaves, there is no need to cut a slice of lemon, immerse it in the cup of tea and wait: just two or three actions are enough to get a delicious, hot and golden lemon tea, which encourages early morning chats, and sharing the good omens of the day that has just come into being.

In short: a breakfast for everyone (none excluded), 101CAFFE’ for every breakfast!
Discover the widest range of coffee and breakfast drinks in the world, in all 101CAFFE’ stores around Italy, across the world and online.



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