101CAFFE’ franchise stores are crisis proof

What consequences will Covid-19 have on our customers’ purchasing habits and how will be 101CAFFE’ stores organized to meet their new needs?

These are some questions to which 101CAFFE’, an Italian brand specialized in the sale of coffee and drinks for all coffee makers, through a network of 120 franchising stores, will answer with a series of free webinars that will be offered  throughout the month of June. These webinars are aimed at those who want to start their own business in coffee sector and want to evaluate the opportunity to rely on a structured company such as 101CAFFE’.
During the webinar, Marco Zannini, responsible for 101CAFFE’ worldwide development, will explain you the advantages of working with 101CAFFE’ Franchising system with a unique concept focused on a wide choice of blends from Best Italian Coffee Roasters, providing many examples and updates “in real time” on how our network is facing Covid-19 emergency.

Here are some previews of the topics that we will discuss on Friday 26 June from 17.00 to 18.00.

Participation in the webinar is free (sign up here)!


101CAFFE’ stores can work  in times of emergency

101CAFFE’ stores are included in food product category and can also work in times of emergency, complying with health protection regulations, even with home deliveries, therefore those interested in opening a new shop, such as self employment or even as a family-run business, must not wait for “better times” and can consider this opportunity immediately.

In the particular current moment we are also rediscovering the strategic role of proximity shop, which has become a concrete “reference point” for people: customer prefers local shop for their purchases, avoiding too crowded places. 

101CAFFE’ proximity shop maintains the “flavor” of shop under your home, with a welcoming environment and personalized service for customer, but it is much more crisis-proof, thanks to the integration of the physical and online sales channels.

Customer can buy as and where he wishes, at the shop, online or through 101CAFFE’ APP, avoiding checkout queues and gatherings. You can pick up your goods in the shop or receive them at home, in total safety, with flexible hours and sales margins will be recognized to the local shop also for online transactions.

101CAFFE’ has also introduced a new format, Take Away coffee shop, which consists in combining 101CAFFE’ store with takeaway service and the availability of seats for customers who wish to consume on site, after having purchased (table service is not provided). It is possible to place orders for a quick break with healthy breakfasts, homemade ice cream, pizza and sandwiches, both from home, from office, by phone or online, by picking up in the store.

Webinar 101caffe'

Opening 101CAFFE’ store means not being alone

One of the many advantages of belonging to 101CAFFE’ network, particularly appreciated by our franchises during the whole emergency period, is that of being able to deal with headquarter daily, to be sure of complying with regulations and avoiding penalties, interpreting correctly the ministerial decree and related updates and being able to exercise the activity with serenity.

Today, higher quality reception is required by commercial establishments (larger spaces, less confusion, attention to sanitation of public spaces): correct cleaning of the premises, ventilation and purification of the rooms has become essential, as well as the use of safety devices by staff. In addition, the organization of the space (layout of equipment and merchandise) must follow a careful study of the suggested and mandatory routes. All this requires specific skills that 101CAFFE’ makes available to franchises, providing the advice and support of our Visual Merchandiser specialized in this area.

Webinar 101caffe'

People are rediscovering the value of Made in Italy product

The crisis we have experienced has been an opportunity to rediscover the value of the “short chain” and of an informed purchasing behavior, preferring local and artisan suppliers. The blends selected by 101CAFFE’ by excellent Italian artisan roasteries meet these customers’ needs well and on the other hand this is precisely the essence of the brand: high quality and Italian products to support the economy of our country, today more than ever !

We conclude, dwelling for a moment on one of the few things that has not changed during the emergency and that will never change: our morning and after lunch coffee, or the afternoon or goodnight herbal tea, small rituals that continue to mark our days, simple gesture that helps us to live positively, facing our daily commitments with greater determination.

Today, as always, people love to take a break with coffee or tasty drink, not only at the bar, but also in their own home or workplace and 101CAFFE’ is ready to respond to this need with taste and high quality of selected products: even at home you can taste different flavors, having an unrivaled choice of 1600 products for all tastes and needs, as for 101CAFFE’ slogan: “Free to choose “!

If you wish to learn more about these topics and consider the opportunity to open a 101CAFFE’ store, we invite you to attend the next webinar scheduled for  Friday 26 June at 17.00.

We are waiting for you, participation is free!