101NEWS: 101CAFFE’ is nominated for the Foodservice Award 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the nomination of 101CAFFE’ for the 5th edition of the Foodservice Award, the prestigious event in the modern catering sector that highlights the best national and international food service brands operating in Italy. The event culminates in an award ceremony by a panel of industry experts.

For over 10 years, 101CAFFE’ has been known by consumers as an Italian brand specializing in coffee and portioned beverages. Its stores offer coffee in various forms: pods, capsules, beans, ground coffee, all sourced from best Italian coffee roasteries. The brand is also known for its very wide range of made-in-Italy instant beverages for all types of coffee makers, reflecting its dedication to top quality.

Today 101CAFFE’ is also FAST GOURMET

Born from 101CAFFE’s experience in the organized retail sector, our innovative FAST GOURMET concept is innovating the way people experience quality dining. The star of the show is coffee, which goes beyond the traditional Italian espresso, along with a wide variety of coffee-based drinks: hot, cold, gourmet, vegan, all in exclusive recipes created for our customers. We also offer sweet and savory bakery, spoon desserts and other local delicacies.

This coffee shop model, nominated for the Foodservice Award 2023, combines fast service with gourmet Italian experiences, creating a concept that is getting more and more successful both in Italy and abroad. Customers can order with an app or kiosk, dine on site or use delivery services, or choose to take away

Foodservice Award

101CAFFE’ represents authenticity and quality of Made in Italy

Tradition meets the new trends of consumers who are always connected and conscious of sustainability, taste, and the welcoming spirit typical of our country, appreciated worldwide. This is the message that 101CAFFE’ brings to the Foodservice Award 2023.

Italian elegance and taste come together in a unique gastronomic experience at any time of the day: breakfast, gelato, appetizers, sweet and savory cakes, and even lunches and dinners, all within a modular and technologically advanced system that includes a market area with a selection of products that distinguish the 101CAFFE’ brand. Our commitment to providing genuine Italian products is reflected in every cup of coffee we serve, bringing a touch of authenticity to every sip.

A successful business model: 101CAFFE’ combining entrepreneurial support and unique customer experience

Flexible and versatile, we can even say modular: 101CAFFE’ FAST GOURMET coffee shops easily adapt to different sizes and locations, from small spaces to larger venues that offer a wider range of food service solutions, in shopping centers or high streets, downtown or small cities. This allows us to offer a wide range of experiences and moments, from breakfast to ice cream, snacks, appetizers, and even Fast Gourmet lunch breaks.

101CAFFE’ offers a winning business project and a scalable model that guarantees reduced cost and high profitability. Through the franchising format and the support of the parent company, both in startup phase and throughout the entire activity life, we support franchisees for their successful business.

Moreover, the market area in FAST GOURMET coffee shops offers customers a complete shopping experience with the widest range of coffee and beverages in pods and capsules, premium coffee beans and ground coffee, coffee makers, accessories and a selection of exclusive delicacies under the brand “Le Sfiziosità.”

“In a period of great global changes like the one we are experiencing, thanks to the Fast Gourmet coffee shop formula we have a future ahead filled with flavors and great satisfaction, fueled by our passion for excellence and our dedication to offering the best possible experience in the world of coffee and dining,” says the founder and CEO of 101CAFFE’, Umberto Gonnella, who adds, “with our team and the ongoing support of our franchisees and partners, we are going towards new horizons, bringing our passion for quality coffee to an ever-expanding audience.”

This is the spirit 101CAFFE attends the Foodservice Award 2023 with, alongside historic and prestigious brands, confident that on May 24th, in the beautiful setting of San Siro, the best one will be awarded.

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