101 Caffè Srl is now ISO 9001 certified

After having been awarded the Bio certification, attaining the ISO 9001 during the first quarter of this year adds another significant component to the growth and consolidation of the company and our brand 101CAFFE’, which is recognized worldwide as the most important chain of specialist stores for the sale of coffee and beverages for all types of machines.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 results from the growing need of the company to adapt to the certification’s basic principles in which the company strongly believes, namely, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our business processes. Today, this certification further enhances not only our corporate image on the international stage, but also our ability to offer the market fundamental guarantees in terms of quality standards.

The ISO 9001 certification focuses on the customer and their satisfaction, a value that is shared strongly by the 101CAFFE brand and has been since its inception.

Process quality, from a business perspective, is reflected in the quality of the products, and the 101CAFFE brand products consistently promise quality to our customers, which today exceed 100,000.

From commercial to sales processes, from marketing procedures to communication with the network regulated by tools that facilitate exchange and understanding, from administrative to purchasing regulations, from order fulfilment to packaging, packing and transport.

Today, every department meets the quality requirements of the ISO 9001 standard in their entirety. This represents an examination process that 101 Caffè voluntarily chose to undergo with a view to solidly and continuously evolving both nationally and internationally, without compromise.

As in a virtuous circle, cost optimisation is one of the positive effects of improving the efficiency of the company’s quality processes. This is mostly due to the elimination of internal waste, namely possible procedural inefficiencies, thus resulting in the optimization of workflows.

For us at 101CAFFE, the ISO 9001 certification was another excellent opportunity to acquire new, important skills and build awareness of the company values and vision that drive us to always aim high while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.



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