101CAFFE’ and PASTIGLIE LEONE: Italian tradition across the world, in 101 flavors

A marvelous collaboration between 101CAFFE’ and Pastiglie Leone, the historic Piedmontese brand that back in 1857 launched the candies that have become famous throughout the world, with their instantly recognizable little boxes.

Pastiglie Leone 101 caffè


The “101 Italian Flavors” collection began with three of 101CAFFE”s most beloved iconic flavors, both in Italy and abroad: Biscottella, Zenzerina and Neapolitan Coffee.


The ritual of espresso coffee was interpreted in a unique way by a product that has become one of the most famous from 101CAFFE’: the Premium Neapolitan coffee, the blend that won the “Il mio prodotto del cuore” 2019-2020 competition; today, with Pastiglie Leone, it is available in pocket size, so you can have with you at all times that taste of coffee that will always give you the right dose of energy in the most various moments.


Biscottella from 101CAFFE’ is part of the “101 Italian flavors” flagship trio, one of the drinks that has been most successful among aficionados all over the world since its launch. Who better than Pastiglie Leone to make the most of the taste of cookies and cinnamon by putting it in the form of delicious candies?


Zenzerina completes the trio: delicious, thirst-quenching, citrusy and slightly pungent, for those who like to munch on something appetizing every now and then.

With the “101 Italian Flavors“, 101CAFFE’ wanted to extend the depth of its range, already known to be the widest in the world in terms of coffee and beverages for all machines. And it has done so in its own way: a mix of innovation and tradition.
The collaboration with Pastiglie Leone was love at first sight, and saw three of the most beloved 101CAFFE’ products make the journey from the cup to the candy box, for the joy of those who love taste in all its forms.

The three-flavor set from Pastiglie Leone is already proving to be a great success for 101CAFFE’, across all borders and in all 150 stores in Italy and around the world. You too can find them at your favorite 101CAFFE’ shop, and also online!



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