The 101 faces of NEAPOLITAN coffee

A best seller since its birth (in 2014), the caffè Napoletano by 101CAFFE’ is one of those coffees that wins the hearts of the lovers of the typical Neapolitan espresso: full-bodied, persistent, strong.

Naples is the creator of timeless culinary specialties that have brought Italy all over the world, such as pizza, spaghetti alle vongole, buffalo mozzarella and espresso coffee.
The tradition of Neapolitan coffee represents us worldwide, as a drink but also as a ritual.


The Neapolitan coffee tradition

Despite the fact that the name “espresso” conveys the speed we drink the coffee with at the bar (on the fly, indeed), the ritual of Neapolitan espresso is anything but rushed and is able to draw the fascination of very different cultures.

It’s the hot cup, the glass of water before tasting the coffee, the chat with the barista, the lever machine, the cream with sugar, the “suspended coffee” you pay for the next guest, symbol of the generous character of Neapolitans.
The icons of Neapolitan culture in the world of entertainment have, over the years, spoken to us of coffee as a very special moment in its normal everyday life, where the tazzulella represents above all a moment of pleasure and sharing.

In Naples, every place is perfect for enjoying an espresso made to perfection: from the Quartieri Spagnoli to the Posillipo district, from Via Caracciolo to Via Chiaia, all the way to Vomero and the port of Santa Lucia, the historic center and the lesser-known but very characteristic streets of this incredible city, rich in history, culture, joy and undoubtedly magic.

Eduardo de Filippo, in the ’40s, during his famous chat with the professor across the street, said, “I would give up everything, except this cup of coffee, enjoyed quietly right here, outside the balcony, after that hour of sleep you had after lunch”. An image that has become a symbol of Neapolitan coffee culture.
Equally legendary is the scene in the film “Ghosts, Italian Style” in which Sofia Loren explains to her suitor how to make coffee with the cuccumella.
And raise your hand if you have never hummed “Na tazzulella ‘e cafè” by Pino Daniele!
Coffee in the Neapolitan culture is a serious matter and must be prepared observing all its rules, so as not to run the risk that someone would say (as Totò did), “It’s a dud!”

Neapolitan Coffee: A Candidate for UNESCO World Heritage

Since time immemorial, legends, traditions, rituals and a series of peculiar details about its preparation have revolved around the Neapolitan espresso.
For this reason, the Neapolitan espresso coffee has been nominated for Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In the range of 101CAFFE’ coffees from Campania, the caffè Napoletano of the Premium line  is the favorite of those who love the so-called “strong” espresso.
It is a blend of selected Robusta coffees, processed according to the ancient tradition handed down from generation to generation by the Neapolitan Master Roasters.

The botany of caffè Napoletano

In scientific circles, Robusta is known as Coffea Canephora and, in spite of the beliefs that in the past used to relegate this variety of coffee to a sort of “second class”, today it enjoys an excellent reputation, just as much as its sister, the Arabica.
Even the great coffee experts have understood that the quality of the espresso is not a matter of Arabica or Robusta, but the result of a process that goes from the selection of the beans to the roasting, up to the preparation of the drink, whether at home or at the bar.

The botany behind a cup of a Napoletano espresso is truly fascinating.

Coffea Canephora is an evergreen tree that reaches 10 meters in height, with large oval leaves and small white flowers that give off a scent reminiscent of jasmine with hints of lemon.

When its drupes are ripe, they have a beautiful red color, almost like real cherries; inside them there are two bronze-yellow beans, facing each other.
Soon they will become the protagonists of a very long journey that will lead them to be enjoyed in a cup, in the form of an indispensable black daily drink with a thousand beneficial effects: espresso coffee.

What’s so special about a cup of caffè Napoletano by 101CAFFE’?

Why do our customers fall in love with this blend so much that they can’t do without it?
The answer lies in an alchemy of reasons that have made this coffee win the “Il Mio Prodotto del Cuore” award in the year 2019 (the Italian version of the international “Best Products of the Year”); a particularly important awarf, since it was chosen exclusively by the vote of Italian consumers who answered a market survey on the “coffee” category.
It was a great satisfaction for us!!

Let’s start with the quintessential beginning: breakfast in the morning!
Thanks to its high caffeine content (typical of robusta coffees), drunk alone in a cup or in milk, or perhaps in a creamy cappuccino, the caffè Napoletano by 101CAFFE’ guarantees you that boost of energy that gets the day off on the right foot.

The aroma and taste of Napoletano Premium blend by 101CAFFE’

Its aroma is a combination of strong scents: those of bitter cocoa, well-toasted bread, sandalwood and a puff of spicy fragrance.
Its taste is perfect for those who love a full-bodied, creamy, intense cup, with that pleasantly bitter taste typical of the coffee bean combined with very dark chocolate that envelops the palate with a persistent quality that is well appreciated even when the coffee is served short.
Its special blend of selected Robusta coffee makes the Napoletano blend the right coffee for those who do not like that acidity which is typical of Arabica.
Rounding out this work of coffee-making art, the velvety, glossy, dark hazelnut cream gives the eye what it craves when it comes to gourmet food or drink.

Caffè Napoletano… in all its forms

As always, we start with the beans, which are then ground and put into pods and capsules for all coffee makers.
Coffee beans , in 500 gram packages (with aroma protection valve), is for those who love to grind in the moment and feel the essence of coffee being released into the surroundings.
The packets of ground coffee are also equipped with an aroma saving valve, thus preserving the fragrance of the coffee for the mocha or for the cuccumella, the typical Neapolitan coffee pot.
Whatever coffee machine you have, 101CAFFE’ has a Napoletano Premium for you, too: from the less common machines to the most popular ones on the market, such as Krups and De Longhi for Nespresso® and Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® systems, Bialetti® and the various Lavazza® systems.
The ecological pods (ese 44) of Neapolitan coffee are very popular not only in the Neapolitan culture but also in all regions, and meet the needs of practicality, speed and intense taste, with the utmost respect for the environment because they are compostable.

The decaffeinated Napoletano Premium by 101CAFFE’ preserves all the aroma and taste of the original blend, except, of course, the caffeine: Napoletano DEC is perfect for those moments when you don’t need a jolt of energy but a moment of relaxation and meditation, with a typical Neapolitan taste: intense, rich, full-bodied; so that even with a cup of decaffeinated coffee, you can exclaim like the locals: “Ah, che bellu ‘caffè!”

The Caffè Napoletano seen from outside: the packaging

Quality should be recognized from the very first glance: this is why 101CAFFE’ makes packaging one of its strong points, to communicate to customers the very high quality of the product inside.

For the packaging of Napoletano Premium coffee, perfectly recognizable with that view on Torre dell’Ovo, 101CAFFE’ has thought of everyone: for those who don’t want to run the risk of running out of coffee, there are the beautiful packages of 100 pods or capsules, while for those who like to buy smaller quantities but more often, there are bags of 16 and the new boxes of 10 if you prefer the little case for your handbag.

And speaking of small formats, the Napoletano coffee also comes in pocket size, thanks to Pastiglie Leone (the famous Italian confectionery from Piedmont), who have created small and delicious candies made with this exquisite coffee blend for 101CAFFE’.
Try it for an energy boost available anytime, anywhere.

Now that you have read all this, you can imagine the pleasure of tasting this very special coffee, but nothing can replace the sensory experience that only a sip of it can give you, revealing the deepest nuances in an encounter with your own personal taste buds.

We invite you to your nearest 101CAFFE’ shop, in Italy and in the rest of the world, for a free tasting of Napoletano Premium coffee! Or come and visit us online at shop.101caffe.it



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