The colors of the 101CAFFE’ wellness line

Well-being in the fullest sense, that which brings together the five senses and makes us feel in harmony with ourselves, is often linked to “good” and “beautiful”.
Enjoying a food or a drink that we like, appreciating it first by sight and then by smell and taste, is an excellent first step towards that “feeling good” that everyone wants.
Sometimes you need very little: a coffee maker, a cup of any size to be filled with the right drink (not necessarily coffee), and a moment all to yourself.
This is the spirit with which 101CAFFE’ has created the products of Linea del Benessere (which means “wellness collection”), composed of instant drinks for those who prefer a sugar-free, GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free diet, but certainly not without delicious taste.
The beverages of the 101CAFFE’ Linea del Benessere come in capsules for the most popular coffee machines, to satisfy all those who do not want to give up the speed and convenience of preparing these drinks.
Our customers like gourmet food and beverages, and we want the best for them: the beauty of good taste.

Linea del Benessere

Linea del Benessere: the colors of our bestsellers

Latte di Unicorno (Unicorn Milk), Caffè della Prosperità (Prosperity Coffee) and Golden Milk are among the bestsellers of Benessere Collection products by 101CAFFE’: perhaps because their colors recall natural elements such as the Earth, the Sky, the Sun, and convey a sense of harmony that makes you feel good. Perhaps because they are perfect drinks for every moment of the day, starting from breakfast in the morning until the evening drink. Definitely because they are delicious.

Thanks to spirulina algae, known for its particular richness in vitamins and trace elements, Latte di Unicorno has a natural blue colour that makes you feel better just by looking at it! Our customers say our Latte di Unicorno is a drink that makes you feel a little bit like a kid again…

Caffè della Prosperità, on the other hand, is a drink that is particularly appreciated for its warm hues, with nuances reminiscent of a cappuccino, but above all for its mix of beneficial ingredients, including maca root, a plant known from the popular Peruvian tradition for its restorative and aphrodisiac properties, confirmed by recent research (and by 101CAFFE’s customers!).

And then there’s the one and only: the Golden Milk, made with coconut milk and turmeric powder, thanks to which we can enjoy, with just 3 simple actions, a drink as precious as gold and as delicious as the typical Indian recipe.
And speaking of recipes, if you really want a treat full of wellness and deliciousness, try the Golden Milk cake: the Torta d’Oro! It’s one of our 101 Recipes, and you can find it in the 101CAFFE’ blog.

You can find the Latte di Unicorno, Caffè della Prosperità and Golden Milk in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and the rest of the world, and also online!
Find out more about other products in the Linea del Benessere of 101CAFFE’ in this article



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