Well-being in your cup


B like “Benessere” (well-being), like “Bellezza” (beauty), like “Buoni Pensieri “(good thoughts). These are some of the products of the drinks line created by 101CAFFE’ for those who prefer eating sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free foods, but with many active ingredients that help our well-being.

In 101CAFFE’ “Caffè goloso della Bellezza” (Beauty Delicious Coffee), coffee and ginseng are blended with collagen (Verisol®): a precious protein recognized by science for its important anti-aging role. Together with the energizing properties of coffee and ginseng extract, collagen makes this soluble drink an elixir of beauty and vitality to be enjoyed at any time of the day, thanks to the practicality of the capsule.

Tisana dei Buoni Pensieri“(Good Thoughts Herbal Tea) is one of the most appreciated products of the 101CAFFE’ Benessere line: its fresh and delicate taste is combined with the properties of plants such as Rhodiola, a flower that lives on the highest most inaccessible mountains, where it adapts perfectly (hence its adaptogenic properties), and such as Ashwagandha, which is part of the Ginseng family and with anxiolytic and toning properties.
Thus, the Ayurvedic tradition offers us these natural elements with ancient and distant origins that have been rediscovered through research for mental balance: a fundamental need today.

Ancient rites for current needs
The advantage of 101CAFFE’ “Benessere” drinks is that you can enjoy them quickly thanks to the capsules, just like coffee, to use on the most popular coffee machines.

Among these drinks, “Cuor di Zenzero” (Ginger heart) herbal tea is one of the most appreciated by those who love the typical pungent flavor of this root, which has many virtues proven by science.
Enhanced by the citrusy notes of lemongrass, 101CAFFE’ “Cuor di Zenzero” is available for all Nespresso®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza a Modo Mio® coffee machines and also in compostable filters bags with compostable casing, mixed with green tea (our last novelty!) for a total well-being for you and for the Planet.

The “free” products
Current consumption trends are increasingly directed towards “free” products: mainly gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free.
101CAFFE’ has taken these needs to heart and is working to satisfy them, without putting flavors aside, according to the style and tradition of the Milanese brand.

For this reason, 101CAFFE’ drinks from the « Benessere » line delight even the most demanding palates.
And once again, 101CAFFE’ really has the widest product range in the world: here are some examples.
Soy gives rise to drinks such as Mini Cappuccino (with soy) or can be enjoyed as it is: white and creamy, in which you can also add your favorite coffee at will; Golden Milk is made with coconut milk and turmeric and makes you enjoy a drink as precious as gold and as delicious as that of the typical Indian recipe, in only three simple gestures.

Maca or Matcha?
Caffè della Prosperità” (Coffee of Prosperity) is characterized by a greedy and curious note. It is a mix of beneficial ingredients including maca root: a plant known in the Peruvian folk tradition for its restorative and aphrodisiac properties, confirmed by recent research (and by 101CAFFE’ customers!). Soluble coffee completes this drink taste with its dynamogenic effect.

Matcha is an ancient remedy of oriental origin, increasingly popular even in the West, in which we are looking for calm and energy. It is a tea widely used by Buddhist monks and highly valued in Japanese tea rituals.
101CAFFE’ offers it in herbal tea with mint leaves but also through the “Ginseng & Matcha” drink, an exclusive recipe where the green leaves are dried and blended with ginseng and instant coffee. It is highly recommended when you need energy but not coffee.
We suggest trying the sugar-free version if you don’t want the classic sweet flavour of Ginseng.

Concentration, tone, good mood
This is what consumers are asking today more than ever also for products to enjoy at breakfast, to sip during a break or during times of intense work. 101CAFFE’ meets these needs with its exquisite drinks that are quick and safe to prepare, at home and at work.

With coffee, not only leaves and roots but also … mushrooms!
You don’t believe it? Then taste «Caffè al Ganoderma» (Coffee with Ganoderma), a mushroom whose anti-aging power originates from ancient Chinese and Japanese traditions, and recently known in the United States because many VIP spoke about it a lot. «Verdegano» is a drink where Ganoderma is mixed with green coffee extract. You can try it in soluble version or in sticks, blended with soluble coffee and to be poured directly into hot water.

Yes, you got it right: green coffee.
Raw green coffee, as in its natural state when it is separated from its “mother drupe”, after the plant has been harvested.
Caffè Verde” (Green Coffee) is famous for its antioxidant properties and its many beneficial effects on the human body, due to its high concentration of polyphenols. 101CAFFE’ offers a 100% Arabica ground version, ready to add hot water like any infusion, but with coffee.

Well-being in your cup with 101CAFFE’ is not only healthy and delicious to drink but also beautiful to look at: like the gluten and lactose free “Latte di Unicorno” drink (Unicorn’s Milk). The spirulina algae (famous for its exceptional richness in vitamins and trace elements) makes this natural blue coloured drink perfect for moments of fabulous relaxation or when you need energy that comes from dreams, which makes you feel like a child again.

Speaking about children:
Cioccolo” is a special hot chocolate created by 101CAFFE‘ for children: lactose-free and with low-fat cocoa, not very sweet but delicious. Ideal to share a little moment ” for grown-ups ” with mum and dad.
But if you prefer an intense, creamy and dark hot chocolate, 101CAFFE’ offers you “Cioccolata Dark” (Dark Chocolate), a perfect drink also for those who wish to avoid gluten while keeping the satisfying and enjoyable taste of cocoa.

We talked about breakfasts that give energy and good mood, about harmony between body and mind that gives dynamism, about good thoughts that also come from our general tone and about how we can satisfy all of this with a pod or a capsule and a coffee machine from home.

And in the evening?
When evening comes, you need to get ready for a regenerating sleep, which is essential for our well-being.
In the extraordinary 101CAFFE’ product range, there is also the prelude to peaceful nights. Indeed, there is not only coffee, but also the best chamomiles: in leaves and soluble, organic and in compostable capsules, available for all coffee machines (even for the older Lavazza Espresso Point and those with ecological pods such as Frog, Ariete, De Longhi, Illy and many others).

The most popular flower that induces calm and relaxation is also present in “Tisana No Stress” (No Stress herbal tea) capsules and in “Tisana Riposo” (herbal tea rest) pods. These drinks contain chamomile flowers, but also flowers of passionflower, hawthorn, orange and lemon balm leaves: all natural plants recognized by science for their relaxing and anti-insomnia effect.

In the evening, you should therefore avoid theine, caffeine and sugar, but have a lot of pampering: 101CAFFE’ “Tisana Arancia e Cannella” (Orange and Cinnamon Herbal Tea) is ideal for this magical moment, to embrace that so reassuring and relaxing taste thanks to the hibiscus flowers amber color.

The incredible world of 101CAFFE’ never stops to amaze us with its colors and flavors.
In the incomparable coffees and drinks range, the sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free products are today among the most requested by consumers of all ages. Each has their own preferences and consumption habits, but a common need: well-being. They can satisfy it with a few simple gestures using an ecological capsule or pod.
Are you curious to taste them? Then come to our store and…Choose your best taste!



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