Where do I put my coffee?


Everything in its place and a place for everything“: order comes with practicality, simplicity, relaxation, including when it comes to coffee.
Coffee is one of those things that is never missing in the household (just like salt, pasta and oil), but it often ends up drifting somewhere among the cupboards and the kitchen shelves, without a fixed place (sometimes it even ends up in the refrigerator).

Whatever form it takes – pods, capsules, beans or grounds – coffee certainly deserves a place of its own, to which you can easily get – even with your eyes closed (or half open, as they are in the morning).

101CAFFE’ has also devoted itself to this task, and with its love for everything related to the ritual of coffee and breakfast, it has created various solutions that combine practicality and style.

Love for coffee, passion for accessories

An example of this are the beautiful tin jars of the “Sui sentieri del gusto” (“On the paths of taste”) collection.
The “paths” are those that run through our extraordinary country from north to south, including the islands. These are multipurpose containers to store not only coffee pods and capsules and various blends, but also coffee beans and ground coffee for the moka. Thanks to the double metal lid and the hermetic tie closure, these containers meet all the requirements necessary to preserve the aroma and fragrance of coffee, protected from air and light.

Beauty and functionality in the style of 101CAFFE’

Perfect to be left on display on the counter, next to the coffee machine, but also ideal for kitchen cabinets of any size: in fact, their rectangular shape allows you to make the best use of the space even when there is very little order.

The jars in the 101CAFFE’ “Sui sentieri del gusto” edition are also particularly suitable for use in offices, professional practices and stores, places where the coffee machine is among the stars of the show.

For those who want to find what they are looking for, simply by reaching out their hand, 101CAFFE’ offers vertical rotating capsule holders.

A small steel carousel

They are beautiful and versatile: thanks to the 4 stainless steel rails which house the capsules, you just need to take one from the bottom and that’s it: you will quickly have the next one in its place, ready for the next coffee!
Very useful to keep the capsules in order, in very little space, next to the coffee machine.

We’d like to introduce them to you

There is one for every capsule shape: KEEPY and LUXY accommodate the largest capsules: those for Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® machines; PILLAR accommodates capsules with the typical Nespresso® shape, while SYLO is suitable for capsules for Lavazza A Modo Mio® and Caffitaly® systems.

For those who put functionality first, 101CAFFE’ offers ACQUARIO: this “aquarium” doesn’t house colored fish, but you can put as many pods and capsules as you like! Roomy but not bulky, you can mix and match coffee pods with tea, chocolate, ginseng: the transparency of the plexiglass hides nothing and doesn’t allow you to make any mistakes. That’s why in the ACQUARIO by 101CAFFE’ you can also put sugar sachets and stirrers, cookies and candies, according to the principle of versatility in the kitchen and in every coffee-making area.

So now one can truly say “every coffee in its place and a place for every coffee”.
The important thing is to keep it away from heat sources such as the radiator, the oven, the refrigerator motor and those spaces where the sun reaches in through the window.
The well-known “cool, dry place” always remains the best kind of location to put coffee, in all its forms.
You can find capsules and pods holders in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and around the world, and online at shop.101caffe.it.



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