101RECIPES Cappuccino Sottosopra (upside down)

Fun, delicious and even magical!

101RECIPES Cappuccino Sottosopra (upside down)

Cappuccino in Italy has so many variations: light, dark, with cocoa, with thick or thin cream, with cinnamon what about … upside down? We are talking about Dalgona Coffee, born in South Korea and known in Italy as “Upside Down Cappuccino”: a delicious and light coffee cream that is conquering everyone. We prepare it this way:

Ingredients for two large cups


  1. Using an electric or hand mixer, mix the instant coffee, sugar and water in a high container for about three minutes
  2. This way you get a coffee-coloured cream, well-whipped and smooth
  3. Pour hot or cold milk into a glass and then add the cream on top: your upside down cappuccino is ready to be served!

An easy recipe to prepare, to enjoy cappuccino from .. another point of view.


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