101RECIPES: Valentine’s day Cookies

Scented biscuits filled with coffee cream and hazelnuts, drenched in coffee, made delicious by a coconut breading.
Just 4 ingredients to add a greedy touch to your romantic dinner!


  • Pavesini to taste
  • Crema Suprema Venchi (Supreme Venchi Cream) found in 101CAFFE’ stores
  • Premium caffè Mezdè to taste
  • Coconut flour to taste


  1. Make coffee and let it cool
  2. Spread Pavesini on the flat side with Crema Suprema Venchi and combine two biscuits
  3. Quickly soak them in coffee, without making them soften. Put biscuits in coconut flour
  4. Arrange them on a tray and let them rest for a few hours in the fridge before serving