Caffè Pronto Arabica by 101CAFFE’: all taste at glance

Instant coffee, born in the 1800s, spread around world by the British engineer George Costant Louis Washington, who founded G. Washington Coffee Refining Company in New York, is very much appreciated especially for its ease of preparation and preservation.

On every occasion, instant coffee becomes a precious ally for those who usually live fast and dynamic, but do not intend to give up taste.
Caffè Pronto Arabica by 101CAFFE’ meets new market needs: available in practical single-dose stick, is a blend of 100% Arabica high quality instant coffee, with its intense and aromatic flavour, ideal for those who like the convenience of its use but are not prepared to compromise on “Made in Italy” taste, particularly when there are no coffee makers available: Caffè Pronto Arabica by 101CAFFE’ is actually not only soluble in water or hot milk, but it can also be dissolved in cold water, ideal as a summer fresh drink, with ice-cubes for those who love iced coffee.

Caffè Pronto Arabica by 101CAFFE’ is also used in the preparation of desserts, suitable for the hottest season, or enjoyed directly to garnish and enrich ice cream and fresh fruit.

Caffè Pronto Arabica by 101CAFFE’ is available in all 101CAFFE’ stores and online at shop.101caffe.it

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