Coffee with the aromas of your Christmas

Coffee with the aromas of your Christmas

Christmas has a particular flavour and it reminds us of memories, fireplace, nougat, grandma’s homemade pasta, silent snow, and the din of children. There are aromas that combine everyone under the sign of Christmas, such as cinnamon mixed with orange, anise, vanilla. At 101CAFFE’ we care about traditions and we want you to taste them in all their joy, starting from the morning. Thanks to our flavoured ground coffee for your Moka it is immediately Christmas! The Caffè alla Vaniglia (vanilla coffee) and the Caffè alla Cannella (cinnamon coffee) by 101CAFFE’ are some of the delicious blends for your Moka, which release unmistakable aromas throughout the house, creating the magical Christmas atmosphere, enjoyed after Christmas lunch or dinner, combined with panettone and other sweets of Holidays, making the Christmas flavour even more exciting.


The heady scent and the characteristic flavour of ground cinnamon roasted together with coffee on beech wood, which preserves the essential oils and enhances the aroma (Caffè alla Cannella by 101CAFFE’), prepared with Moka, fills any environment, for a Christmas to be spent in harmony, like the aroma it is made of; the Caffè alla Vaniglia, however, cannot be missing: the roasting method is the same, but it combines coffee with the sweet and classic scent of vanilla, which conquers the senses and makes you say that it is really Christmas.


So, are you ready for a coffee-scented Christmas? Let yourself be led by your heart and nose! Vanilla and Cinnamon have the typical flavour of holidays. You can choose your favourite flavoured ground coffee in a perfect combination of quality and fine ingredients, among many variations to enjoy with your Moka, perfect for a gift that will not be forgotten.


If you wish to be pampered by the sweet flavours of Christmas, we are here for you: you can customize your Christmas basket with flavoured ground coffee, choosing among the different proposals 101 Idee Regalo by 101CAFFE’ (101 gift ideas), high-quality and not expensive gifts that you give with your heart and receive with love, all-Italian soul.

What are you waiting for, run to discover the magic of coffee aroma and the 101 Idee Regalo  for your best combination, in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and worldwide and on shop.101caffe.it


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