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101CAFFE’ Capurso, in the province of Bari, the capital of Puglia region, in the south of Italy, is one of one of the 120 coffee shops of the brand. Right this shop has been cited, among small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, as an example for its excellent use of social platforms, during the financial results presentation of the famous company in Menlo Park.

On July 30, Sheryl Sandberg, the number two of Facebook, during the quarterly report on the company’s financial data (Earning Calls), has cited 101CAFFE’ Capurso for its virtuous activity in the use of Facebook communication channels, succeeding in managing with great success the difficult Covid-19 period and even significantly increase the economic performance of the store.

101CAFFE’ and Facebook

The chief operating officer of Menlo Park company, Mark Zuckerberg’s right-hand woman, in her speech to investors, during the presentation of the financial results of Facebook, said: “Due to social distance restrictions, Nicola Taranto, the owner of an Italian coffee shop, had to be creative, thinking of a virtual experience for selling coffee. With the help of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp he has promoted online sales and free home delivery within 10-12 miles of his shop and has seen a 20x return on advertising spending”.

“It is a great pride for us to be mentioned worldwide, as an exemplary case in the use of social media, at the time of Covid-19. During the lockdown we have used Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to stay connected with our customers and on the thousands of home-delivered bags, that we have filled with 101CAFFE’ products, we have written by hand “andrà tutto bene☺” (everything will be fine). When lockdown ended, it was a great emotion to meet so many customers at the store, thanking and sharing with us that simple message of hope that has kept Italy united for weeks”. Nicola Taranto words, 101CAFFE’ Capurso owner.


101CAFFE’ Capurso

101CAFFE’ Capurso (in the province of Bari, in the south of Italy) is one of the over 120 franchised stores of the brand, located in Italy and abroad, specialized in the sale of coffee and drinks for all coffee makers and moka, with a wide range of Made in Italy products and coffee blends, from the best Italian coffee Roasters.

“Certainly it does not happen every day to have the privilege of being mentioned in the quarterly report on Facebook’s financial data, as an example for all small and medium-sized companies in the world” – said Umberto Gonnella, 101CAFFE’ CEO and Founder – This is an important recognition for the work done by our franchisee in Capurso, Nicola Taranto who, thanks to the optimal use of the most popular social communication tools, has increased his business, giving customers the best service, despite the pandemic”.

The case of Capurso is a significant example how today, more than ever, multi-channel is essential for a retail business, an approach in which 101CAFFE’ has invested even before Covid-19 emergency. We are very proud, especially in a period when our country has been penalized in every aspect, not least the entire trade business. It is a further proof of the all-Italian ability (the same of our brand), to stay afloat even in the most complicated situations, and then rise up giving the best with creativity and commitment.

Starting from Bolzano city, in the very North, and along the South of Italy, during the health emergency the use of social platforms has led many 101CAFFE’ stores to get important results far beyond their expectations, due also to the support given by headquarter to all those who are not yet familiar with these means.

101CAFFE’ stores in Piacenza, Casorate, Cesenatico, Cagliari, Darfo (the latter, near Bergamo city, deeply affected by the pandemic) and many others have taken advantage  from strategic social campaigns, to be applied in the physical retail world.

In fact, our customers make their purchases both at local stores and on our ecommerce and soon also with 101CAFFE’ app, avoiding in this way queues at the cash desk and gatherings, collecting products directly by shop or receiving them at home, with flexible hours and in total safety. Customers are satisfied and our franchisees too, who benefit from territorial exclusivity, fundamental in franchise business model.

Facebook and Instagram are very important communication tools for our brand: in fact we tell about life in our stores, sales promotions, new products, brand’s news, and so on.

With the help of technology we have always been in contact with our customers and fans, even when contact is not possible for health reasons. The brand is even more investing in technology to develop its stores network.

To have a successful business, selling the best coffee on the market is not enough :the headquarter gives daily support to all 101CAFFE’ stores, in Italy and abroad. In fact every franchisee can “use” the whole dedicated staff of the offices, although they work in a small shop.

101CAFFE’ stores are listed on the page https://www.101caffe.it/en/




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