Ginseng range by 101CAFFE’: a tasty alternative to coffee

Coffee is a huge world that today offers a wide and varied range of choices and satisfies all types of palates and tastes. Only in recent years has a new ginseng-based drink spread in western countries, present in many supermarkets and in high demand in all bars, albeit with a usually rather small range. Ginseng comes from the union of two traditions: western and eastern. In fact, we have the fusion of coffee, a popular drink in Europe and America and ginseng, a very ancient oriental root. Ginseng coffee, thanks to its peculiar aroma and creamy consistency, is often chosen as an alternative to espresso, at certain times of the day. Which ingredients make ginseng coffee? First of all, from its appearance, this drink is very similar to milk coffee, with a sweet taste, as it contains milk cream (usually of vegetable origin), instant coffee, sugar and extract of dried ginseng roots. Furthermore, more and more people are choosing ginseng coffee because it has many benefits, demonstrated by science, such as effectiveness on memory, increase in energy, decrease in the sense of tiredness.

101CAFFE’ offers a surprising and unique range of coffee and ginseng drinks, in many shapes, tastes and combinations, for all coffee makers: exclusively Italian and high quality products. From the classic Ginseng (that of the “bar”), to the Caffè Gran Ginseng, to be enjoyed in a large cup, the Caffè Ginseng Amaro (bitter ginseng coffee), much appreciated by those who do not like sweet flavors, to Caffè Ginseng Leggero (light ginseng coffee), for those who love delicate tastes. Ginseng coffee by 101CAFFE’ are available in pods and capsules for all coffee makers: Nespresso®, Nescafe® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza A Modo Mio®, Lavazza Espresso Point® and Lavazza Blue®. In capsule ginseng meets, in addition to coffee, milk proteins and other delicious ingredients that make the drink creamy and inviting. The ecological pods contain ginseng extract, which, together with coffee, give an exquisite and energizing taste.

Have you ever thought of preparing your ginseng with moka? With 101CAFFE’ it is possible, thanks to an unrivaled offer that also includes ground coffee, with natural aroma of ginseng added already during the roasting phase, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Even the practical single-dose sachets are part of the many variants of Ginseng coffee by 101CAFFE’: full and creamy taste, to be dissolved in water or hot milk, to always carry with you.

101CAFFE’ makes us discover this product also in herbal tea and tea range, such as Tisana Grintosa (gritty herbal tea) with green tea, guarana and obviously ginseng and Tea Pesca e Zenzero (peach and ginger tea), an instant black tea that combines peach juice sweetness with the spicy flavor of ginger and ginseng.

In linea del Benessere by 101CAFFE’ (wellbeing line), ginseng continues to be one of the main players: in Caffè Goloso Ginseng & Matcha rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances; in Caffè Goloso della Bellezza where ginseng is linked to collagen for a combination of beauty and vitality. For those who love ginseng in its natural strong and bitter taste, 101CAFFE’ offers Ginseng senza Zucchero (ginseng without sugar), all in capsules for Nescafe® Dolce Gusto® coffee makers, dedicated to those who are always in step with new consumption trends.

The incomparable and surprising Ginseng range by 101CAFFE’ is available in shop.101caffe.it and in 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and worldwide.

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