Maranello BIO Italian espresso

101CAFFE ‘Maranello BIO: the Italian espresso “turn on its engine”

101CAFFE’ prefers excellence, Made in Italy and territoriality for Maranello BIO, our artisan Premium coffee, distinguishing for its unique aroma, born in Emilia Romagna, region of great charm, historical and cultural interest, useful to a significant standing coffee. Maranello is also a bio espresso, with its flavouring properties mixed with caramel, cocoa and chocolate fragrance.

The blend is composed of 20% Mexican and Peruvian arabica and 80% Indian robusta, for a feisty and fulfilling espresso, like a beautiful racing car, suitable for dynamic people who like to stand out.

Available in different versions: grains, capsules for Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®system and compostable capsules for Nespresso®

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