Taking care of your coffee maker with pods or capsules or other brewing systems, is essential to always enjoy a good coffee and for coffee maker to last over time.
Whatever brand, model or system it is, it is very important to make periodic maintenance.

You must know that the water you make coffee with is rich in mineral salts.
During its way inside the coffee maker, and due to its high temperature, some of the water mineral salts settle in the pipes, forming limescale, a harmful element because it prevents water and coffee from making their path correctly.

You may have a limescale problem if:

  • Coffee maker brews coffee more slowly
  • Coffee maker gets louder
  • Coffee has an unpleasant taste

If taken on time, the problem can be solved at home, with a very simple descaling and maintenance procedure.
Descaling should be done according to coffee maker use, but generally we recommend doing it on average once a month.

The process is very simple and consists of 3 stages:

  1. Cleaning the nozzles
  2. Decalcification
  3. External cleaning

1. Cleaning the nozzles

Nozzles are those tubes that pierce the capsules and inject water.
Together with each machine there should be a special tool but if it is not there we can use a needle.

2. Descaling

It can be performed comfortably with a descaling product specific for coffee makers. We recommend descaling products by 101CAFFE’, chosen with great care by those who want their coffee to be always perfect. There are two types: a liquid descaler and a powder descaler based on citric acid. Both are practical, effective and safe. You can choose your favorite one.

You will need:

3. External cleaning

For external cleaning, we recommend using specific detergents for coffee makers.
You can use these products.
Also in this case the system to be adopted is very simple:
Turn off coffee makers, remove the plug from the power and proceed with cleaning according to the instructions you will find on the detergent you have chosen.

These cleaning products are also to be used once a month, like the descaler. Of course, the coffee maker, like any other kitchen equipment, must be kept clean in every part, every time it is used, mainly:

  • the water container
  • the container of used pods or capsules
  • the pod or capsule housing when it is removable
  • the base of the shot glass

For daily cleaning of these parts, simply use running water, then dry with a normal cloth or kitchen paper.


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