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101: this number was the first goal of 101CAFFE’, when we started with this project: it wanted to stand for that particular extra coffee, for that very demanding customer…

9 years after the opening of the first franchise store in Italy, under the 101CAFFE signage there is the widest range in the world of coffees and drinks for all coffee makers.

Everything starts with coffee beans, which reach our Italian Roasteries after a long journey.
27 types of different coffee blends in beans made up by premium quality pure origins.
Blends are created in the best Italian Coffee Roasteries selected by 101CAFFE according to traditional local recipes. Unroasted green coffee beans are also available, for infusions.

Since 101CAFFE’ is an Italian brand, first of all let’s talk about ground coffee for moka. Moka is one of the most loved Italian icons all over the world. Moka never misses in Italian kitchens.
46 are the different sorts of 101CAFFE ground coffee: blends, pure origins, flavored coffee (with ingredients put together with beans while roasting, such as cinnamon, anise, chili pepper and others), organic chicory and barley.

Moving to the world of single-dose coffee makers, 101CAFFE’ widest range of capsules are one of its key strengths recognized by consumers all over the world. Do you want to know the numbers?

48 products for Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee makers, composed of 15 sorts of coffee blends, 25 gourmet drinks (with and without coffee) and 8 herbal teas.

95 is the number of 101CAFFE’ products for all Nescafè Dolce Gusto coffee makers (like Piccolo, Jovia, Mini Me, Oblo and others): 17 sorts of coffee coming from Best Italian Coffee Roasteries, 49 gourmet drinks (with and without caffeine) and wellness drinks (such as Soy milk, Ginseng with collagen, lactose free and sugar free drinks), 26 kinds of herbal teas and 3 types of soup by “Italian Cucina”. Actually it would take over three months to taste them all, one a day!

Now let’s talk about the products for Nespresso coffee makers: Nespresso has been one of the most popular coffee brewing systems in the world in the last 10 years, thanks to the stylish coffee makers, the sparkling capsules and that poster person that has broken into many hearts, even of those who are in charge of shopping for home…

I Numeri di 101CAFFE'_infografica_ENG

67 is the number of 101CAFFE products for Nespresso coffee makers (like Inissia, Citiz, Pixie, Essenza, Lattissima and so on): it is our Italian response to the so-called “originals”, a reaction given by Best Italian Coffee Roasteries (25 different sorts of coffee blends), a range of herbal teas (also in leaves) for experts, 19 types of drinks for every taste and every age, such as Chocolate (when you want to share “coffee moments” also with children), the famous awarded “Nocciolino” by 101CAFFE’ (huzelnut coffee-based drink), Biscottela (Cookies coffe-based drink), Mini Cappuccio, Cioccomentino and the recent line of gourmet drinks from the best Italian patisserie tradition: Pear and Chocolate cake, Red Velvet cake, Strudel cake, excellent gourmet drinks for gourmands of all over the world. Because gourmet creativity never stops in 101CAFFE’. The extraordinary 67 also include organic products and coffee in compostable capsules, to satisfy the ever-increasing demand by consumers who use a Nespresso coffee maker at home or at work.

In 101CAFFE’ the numbers are good also for environment:
29 are the products in pods made of rice paper for the so called “Ese-44 coffee makers (such as for instance Frog coffee makers, Didi, Ariete, Gaggia and others). The 29-range includes coffee blends, pure origin coffees and gourmet coffee such as Chocolate and Orange coffee, Hazelnuts coffee, Vanilla coffee. Also organic chicory, barley and different herbal teas.

101CAFFE is the Italian brand with the largest range of coffee, teas and instant drinks in the world, for every coffee maker. You just have to go to the nearest 101CAFFE’ shop (or to the on line shop) and see that we can satisfy 101% of your flavor preferences.
Speaking of numbers: 101CAFFE’ shops are 120 in Italy and worldwide: choose yours! (www.101caffe.it/negozi)



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