101CAFFE’ Ginseng : a surprising and unique range

Ginseng is the root of a plant called Panax, whose name in ancient Greek means “remedy for all” and “panacea” in Italian.
The word ginseng also comes from Chinese and means “human plant” because of its shape, very similar to the human body, with its arms and legs.

Ginseng species are about eleven and the most precious ones come from Asia (China and Korea). Ginseng has a rather bitter taste and often is associated with other ingredients to facilitate its consumption.

Ginseng is very common as coffee, thanks to its particular aroma and creamy consistency, often drunk as an alternative to coffee at any time of the day. Benefits of ginseng coffee are known and proven by science, so that more and more people are usually choosing it to improve their memory efficiency, their energy, to reduce physical and mental fatigue and so on.

The whole 101CAFFE’ Ginseng range is completely made in Italy and is really amazing and unique with its coffee and drinks: Caffè Ginseng, Caffè Gran Ginseng, to be drunk out of a large cup, Caffè Ginseng Amaro, highly appreciated by those who love the energizing flavour of ginseng, Caffè Ginseng Leggero (light) , to recharge your energy, all available in pods and capsules for the most common coffee makers like Nespresso®, Nescafe® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza A Modo Mio®, Lavazza Espresso Point® and ground coffee for Italian Moka.

Ginseng is not only limited to coffee, but it is also used for herbal teas, like Tisana Grintosa with green tea, mate, guarana and obviously ginseng, ideal at any time of the day, to enjoy hot or cold and available in capsules for Nespresso® coffee makers and for delicious coffee, such as Caffè Ginseng&Matcha with matcha tea, vitamins, mineral salts and its antioxidants and Caffè della Bellezza, elixir of beauty and vitality with collagen and the energizing properties of coffee, together with ginseng extract, available in capsules for Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® coffee makers.

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