101 Caffè has always been a company that cares about quality, not just of products, but also the environment that we live in, sharing actions and initiatives with our community. 

We make careful choices that start with packaging and then extend throughout the supply chain.

This is why our original, fully-compostable range is named “Ethicap®”: ethical from every perspective, for a world as wonderful as our coffee.

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It’s all for a good cause!

If you want to buy products from our Ethicap® range (101% compostable coffee capsules and 101% recyclable drinks capsules) you can explore our range of products and machines here

Ethicap® is the first compostable capsule system for the entire range of 101CAFFE ‘Premium coffees: this means that, unlike other companies in the sector, they have made a conscious choice to be eco-sustainable, designing and building an original brewing system (capsules and machine) that respects the environment.
Ethicap® creates a virtuous circle that allows product leftovers to be given new life as a fertilizer

All capsules of the instant beverage alternatives to coffee are made of fully recyclable plastic and without any aluminum parts: after use, they can be disposed of directly into the container for plastics.

101 Caffè is a BIO certified company, having satisfied all the requirements as both a company and as a controlled supply chain: from production to storage.

The Caffè Gran Milano, part of the 101CAFFE ‘Premium line, is certified by the  Rainforest Alliance, the non-governmental organization that protects biodiversity and guarantees sustainable living conditions, transforming land use practices, commercial practices and consumer behavior.