101CAFFE’ new opening on Hulhumale island

101CAFFE’ international growth in 2020 is going to see new stores opening in different countries.
Among these, within this year, a new 101CAFFE’ coffee bar with market in Hulhumale is planned, an island located in the south of North Malè atoll, in the Maldives.
The artificial island has been reclaimed to meet current and future needs of housing, industrial and commercial development of the capital Malé.
In October 2018 the bridge has been opened, connecting Hulhumale directly to Malè and Hulhule Velana airport.
This has meant for Hulhumale inhabitants the opportunity to reach the capital by car, bus, taxi and motorbike.
We have recently met our franchisee, very excited to enter 101CAFFE’ business model and the high quality of Italian products in his Country.
In addition to our excellent blends, delicious drinks and much more, even small pastry products by Le Sfiziosità® will be part of the new store range.
If you are wondering about the Maldives, the first thing that comes to mind are beautiful beaches of white sand, crystal clear sea, one of those places where everyone dreams to go.
But there is another reason for travelling there: come and visit us!