Buoni Pensieri (Good Vibes) herbal tea

In this difficult period, which affects us all, we are led to have negative thoughts and feelings of anguish.
Each of us reacts differently to the situation: there are those who close in on themselves, those who sing on the balcony of their home to ward off fear, sharing it with the neighborhood.
Those who no longer want to read about numbers and graphs, representing the drama we are experiencing and those who, with these numbers, mark their day in the hope that the next one will be milder.
We must seize the opportunities that Nature, mother of all “things”, offers us and the natural remedies that Earth makes available, to help us live better these critical moments.

We have identified some plants, like Rhodiola, available in the form of an extract, in pharmacies and herbal shops. It is a flower, similar to a rose, between yellow and orange, that grows spontaneously in the high mountains: Northern Europe, Lapland, Scandinavia, North America, Alaska, the Pyrenees and our beloved Alps, inaccessible areas where Rhodiola fits perfectly.

From here its tonic-adaptogenic properties originate, since it supports mind and body when forced to adapt to sudden changes in one’s life, giving clarity in dealing with stressful situations, removing the tendency to brood and favoring action.
Its roots are similar to those of ginseng, with which Rhodiola has in common the ability to reduce physical and mental fatigue, properties recognized by science and scientifically proven for its use in phytotherapy and herbal medicine.

101CAFFE’ has recently added a herbal tea to “Bevande del Benessere” (wellness drinks) line, whose presence of Rhodiola, Melissa and Ashwagandha, even if low in content, has led us to call it “Tisana dei Buoni Pensieri” (Good Vibes herbal tea). Even Ashwagandha, with its almost unpronounceable name, is now very desired and belongs to the Ginseng family (this time Indian). Scientific research confirms the effectiveness of Ashwagandha in case of stress-related problems. Thanks to its properties, which give calm and energy at the same time, Ashwagandha acts as an anxiolytic and antidepressant, as Ayurvedic medicine also teaches us.

Green Tea and Melissa can also be found in Buoni Pensieri herbal tea by 101CAFFE’; the first one needs no introduction: it arrived many years ago from the East for its proven antioxidant properties and it is usually consumed in the West, both for breakfast and during the day; Melissa, a flower that grows spontaneously in our gardens and very popular with bees, is now also widespread on supermarket shelves, as a herbal tea to calm anxiety and prepare us for a good sleep.
Buoni Pensieri herbal tea is an instant, salutary and very current mix, which does not want to overlook even those who are not fond of herbal tea; in fact, its slightly sweet and citrus flavor also satisfies that need for “good” that we don’t want to give up.

In 101CAFFE’ whole range and in “Bevande del Benessere” line, taste is one of the priorities, as well as practicality: Tisana dei Buoni Pensieri is available in capsules for all Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® coffee makers, one of the best known and most used brewing systems in the world.

In these unusual days, Buoni Pensieri herbal tea can be a good opportunity to indulge in a soothing and beneficial gesture, sipping a delicious drink, whether you are busy at work, despite yourself or you stay at home.

You can find Buoni Pensieri herbal tea in all 101CAFFE’ stores, (many of which also carry out home delivery) and on our e-commerce.

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