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If you are planning to open a store or a coffee shop or in any case to start a business in the single-serve coffee segment, we invite you to attend the webinar offered by 101CAFFE’, during which it will be explained in details the business models proposed by 101CAFFE’ Franchising. Our solutions represent today an interesting opportunity for those who chose or need to “become self-employed” with the confidence of being able to count on a structured company support and a working business concept, but also a very good way to diversify their investments, focusing on blends quality from Excellent Italian Artisan Roasteries.

During the webinar, Marco Zannini, responsible for 101CAFFE’ worldwide development, will explain you the advantages of working with a Franchising system providing many examples and updates “in real time” on how our network is facing Covid-19 emergency.



What does Franchising mean?

Franchising is a formula of partnership between entrepreneurs for production or distribution of services and/or goods, suitable for those who want to start a new business and prefer to franchise their business to an already established brand, however maintaining their legal and economic independence.
Franchising is a business model based on cooperation and risk sharing, consisting of a partnership between two parties: the franchisor who sells the rights to use his brand and the right to distribute products and/or services and the franchisee to whom these rights are transferred. It is a real “alliance” that was born with the common purpose of getting positive results.

Why should you open a Franchising store or coffee shop by 101CAFFE’?

Let’s analyze the business model proposed by 101CAFFE’, an Italian brand in franchising, leader in coffee segment in all its forms, for all coffee makers, specialized in the sale of high quality coffee in pods, capsules, beans, ground and instant, coming from the best Italian artisan coffee Roasters, with 120 points of sale active worldwide and several Franchising formula, from food retail, to food retail with takeaway coffee shop, to coffee shop with market, also available in a version “On the Road” by Truck or Ape-Car.

Franchising 101CAFFE’ allows you to join coffee market much more quickly and easily than you can do with your own business.
The experience and resources of headquarter (franchisor) significantly reduce the business risk and prevent franchisee from making common mistakes as beginners, reducing the initial management costs, especially in a period of strong market instability, such as that in which we are now.
For these reasons, Franchising is a particularly suitable choice also for young people: it allows to start a commercial activity even if you’re a beginner without experience and it drivers to a significantly reduced business risk.

What are the concrete advantages of starting a Franchising business compared to traditional trade?

We have seen how added value of Franchising compared to traditional retail is the sharing of know-how. This is the experience that the Franchisor has acquired through the management of its own business, which is made available to franchisee.

The concrete advantages of opening your 101CAFFE’ in Franchising are a lot, let’s try to summarize the most significant:

  • A unique concept focused on a wide choice of blends from Best Italian Coffee Roasters
  • Brand leader in segment of single-serve coffee for any kind of support
  • Many business models to choose the one fits better with your aim: Food retail – Retail with Take-Away coffee shop – Coffee shop with Market – Coffee truck
  • Range including 1600 varieties of coffee and hot drinks for any coffee maker plus coffee makers, accessories, and everything connected with a full coffee experience
  • Average margin up to 50% for everything branded 101Caffè
  • Italian company with everything Made in Italy
  • Help in finding an optimal location for the store, taking into account the expected customer flows
    Sales training and support (pre-opening and continuous for the life of your unit)
  • Assistance and training to manage daily operations (orders, warehouse and stock, logistics, advertising)
  • A local exclusivity which guarantees the non-opening of others 101CAFFE’ in the same area (also guaranteed for sales that take place online through e-commerce)
  • Advertising and set-up material for point of sale, always updated according to market trends and seasonality (Christmas, Easter, etc.)

It is also important to highlight that Franchising has distinctive elements that characterize it.
101CAFFE’ distinctive elements includes certainly the range: over 1600 high quality products to meet any kind of customer, ready to be delivered and ordered at any time, without minimum order and after sale assistance, all advantages that you cannot have with a traditional business.

If you are planning to open a store or a coffee shop or in any case to start a business in the single-serve coffee segment,
we invite you to attend the webinar offered by the Franchise 101CAFFE’.





101CAFFE’ is the most important Italian brand in franchising in coffee sector, for all coffee makers, specializing in the sale of quality coffee in pods, capsules, beans, ground and instant, from the best Italian artisan coffee roasteries, with 120 active stores worldwide and various business models, from Food retail, to Retail with Take-Away coffee shop, Coffee shop with Market and Coffee truck.

Open your 101CAFFE’, this is the ideal solution for those who want to start a business with a greatly reduced entrepreneurial risk and the support by a structured company for simplified management. Find out more on our page dedicated to our franchise models




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