101CAFFE’ restarts by investing in proximity store

“The current emergency is opening up interesting prospects for proximity stores, with a positive consequence in terms of greater liveability and neighborhoods security, as well as commercial potential protection of historic centers”, says Umberto Gonnella, C.E.O. & Founder of 101CAFFE’, an Italian brand specializing in the sale of coffee and drinks for all coffee makers, through a franchising network of 120 stores in Italy and abroad.

“101CAFFE’ proximity stores, despite the emergency we are experiencing, are keeping sales results in line with the same period of the previous year, in several cases even higher. Even if the lockdown due to Coronavirus has ended, people have become used to shopping in proximity store, just as it was long ago in the shop under home and this trend does not catch us unprepared, since for some time 101CAFFE’ is investing in innovative models of Retail designed specifically to enhance these types of reality”, concludes Gonnella.

These considerations have prompted the brand to organize a webinar that will take place on Thursday 14 May from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm, in which Umberto Gonnella and Claudio Zappino, 101CAFFE’ Retail Manager Italia, will share franchising network experience of franchised stores during Covid-19 emergency, starring proximity store, home delivery and take-away services.

Here are some previews of the topics that will be covered:

New 101CAFFE’ formats

Participants will be introduced to 101CAFFE’ formats that, in addition to the possibility of purchasing products, offer a fast food service (in this period only Take Away), with dishes prepared according to traditional Italian recipes, sandwiches, breakfasts and homemade ice cream, delighting customers with taste of Italian gourmet quality.

New 101CAFFE’ stores are characterized by an optimized organization of spaces, a refined design and very comfortable environments, also with reduced dimensions, to guarantee customer shopping experience fluidity, thanks to technology, customer care processes and loyalty programs.

The speakers will focus on Take Away coffee shop, particularly suitable for offering take-away sales, avoiding the gathering of people. Of the new 17 scheduled 101CAFFE’ store openings, in fact, 9 are planned in Italy and 3 of these are coffee shops with Take Away area.

101CAFFE’ offers optimal solutions for simplified shop management

101CAFFE’ franchising format offers franchisees not only optimal solutions for small sizes of city shops, but also strategic services for the time being, ideal for those who work in the shop alone, as self-employed. In fact, 101CAFFE’ provides with latest generation system, to simplify all sales activities management, with particular attention to warehouse to reduce product stock, “release” staff from repetitive tasks such as inventory management, so that their precious time can be addressed much more to customer service and sales.

101CAFFE’ is ready to support proximity store sales with multi-channel sales

It is true that proximity stores have returned to being protagonists, but it is important to note that they are not the exclusive terrain of traditional distribution. In G.D.O., in fact, there are more and more examples of mini surfaces inserted in urban fabric, for example Pam, Carrefour, Auchan, Esselunga which offer complete supermarkets but with spaces reduced compared to their standards and therefore optimized. In addition, brands such as Ikea and Leroy Merlin are also already targeting stores in the city.

To compete with these great realities, even city shop must offer a service in line with customers expectations, who are used to multi-channel sales; for this reason 101CAFFE’ provides different platforms, digital and traditional, which at the same time offer the same ease of purchase through all devices, from your smartphone, to your home PC, both at home and during a visit to the store, with the opportunity to make purchases and pay with your device, avoiding queues at the checkout.

“Analyzing  our stores sales data and customer behavior following the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, we found that even the least digitized people to date, in particular those over the age of 60, are making an increasing use of technology to make purchases: we are noticing that they greatly appreciate the convenience of ordering online and receiving goods at home or being able to pick them up quickly and safely at the store and have become accustomed to using technology, so we will continue to focus on the delivery service at home and on sales via e-commerce site “, says Claudio Zappino, 101CAFFE’ retail manager.

The most recent framework agreement signed with Glovo, the food delivery service, goes in this direction. It will support franchisees who cannot manage home deliveries with internal staff.

To evaluate the opportunity to open a 101CAFFE’ shop and discover the potential of the new formats, the invitation is to participate in the free webinar, offered by 101CAFFE’, scheduled for Thursday 14 May at 2.00 pm



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