101CAFFE’ solidarity for San Carlo Borromeo Hospital in Milan

For many a ritual, for others the best way to start the day. For 101CAFFE’ a good coffee is much more: a simple daily gesture, like offering a coffee, becomes an important gesture of solidarity for humanitarian projects, in this moment of great uncertainty.
A small and sincere demonstration to support those in difficulty with our coffee, makes us feel even more united, thanks to our team spirit and that our franchisees to collaborate with local authorities. First with City Angels and now with San Carlo Borromeo Hospital in Milan, which bears the name of the well-known Archbishop who was so solicitous and provident about hospitals and benevolent entities of the time“, says Umberto Gonnella, CEO and founder of 101CAFFE ‘.

Following the spread of the pandemic, all hospitals and nursing homes had to stop most of the traditional activities, to be transformed into Covid intensive care centers, entirely dedicated to the care of the sick.
In 101CAFFE’ tradition and values ​​are consolidated and our philosophy today wants more than ever to thank many customers and people who follow and choose us every day, also through these small expressions of support for solidarity and humanitarian projects, such as these which we have joined. Our great appreciation is addressed to the many protagonists of health in Lombardy, engaged in a hard arm wrestling with Covid-19 that, from 20 February, has spread in the richest region of Italy, bringing to its knees hospitals, doctors and health system”, adds U.Gonnella.

Built at the end of 1950s and formally inaugurated in 1967 by Aldo Moro (one of the most famous Italian politicians), San Carlo Borromeo hospital in Milan has aimed its activity at improving performance to deliver services in agreement with Lombardy Region, becoming an effective reference point for citizens.
101CAFFE’ intends to continue to support those who are at the forefront in the fight to face pandemic. Donating a coffee is a symbolic gesture, but it represents our way of saying thank you. A thank you that we hope will soon become an embrace, able to give relief to our fears: coronavirus may scare us, but it will not have to win.