Innovation and new business, internal branding strategies and partnerships are fundamental aspects for the development and success of franchising networks.

It will be discussed on 28th February in Rome, during Federfranchising Confesercenti Assemblea Annuale 2019, on the 50th anniversary of the franchising business formula in Italy.

Umberto Gonnella, CEO and Founder 101CAFFE’, will speak at the round table “Business in partnership: opinioni di insegne e imprenditori a confronto” to explain 101CAFFE’ successful concept store and its evolution, thanks to customers’ five senses involvement towards a profitable and effective “customer experience”. In sales process, shop assistants are still very important actors to involve customers with specific products and coffee blends explanations, together with interesting promotions and loyalty programs. Among main topics, at the round table they will also speak about the importance of “internal branding” strategy to strengthen relational company dynamics with employees, through staff training processes, in order to create a direct dialogue among workers, company’s values ​​and external / internal brand image. Internal branding allows to better align business strategy and job function. The meeting will end with Franchising Key Award 2019 awarding.

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101RECIPES – NapoCiock

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