For Women’s Day, many recipes by 101CAFFE’

To celebrate Women’s Day and make your mothers, female partners, daughters, who love coffee, feel important, we give them greedy recipes for lunches, dinners, snacks, suitable for every moment and special occasion: a delicious gift to make them happy.
On 8th March 101CAFFE’ shares with all women many recipes made with our Italian excellent blends, coming from artisan coffee roasters. You can start from your table, decorating it with a touch of mimosa and coffee beans, to be also used as a centerpiece, a detail that recalls sunny yellow and toasted brown, our brand colors.
You are “free to choose” among several appetizing proposals that make your menu really complete: from a tasty appetizer, such as scallops with coffee puntarelle salad, to a satisfying main course, like tagliatelle with coffee to be seasoned with cream and chives and another sophisticated second course for those who love meat, marinated duck breast coffee-flavored, to end your meal with the ideal dessert, a variant of the mimosa cake, a delicious Mimosa Tiramisù.
You can also discover our succulent traditional recipes, all based on coffee, from our blog 101RICETTE