From bean to cup: a journey through the coffee world

Where coffee comes from?
How does it look like in nature?
How many types are there?
And how many ways to drink it?

To this question and to many others our “Sommelier dell’Espresso” Claudio Boellis of 101CAFFE’ gave an answer during a coffee-event of lessons, entertainment and tastings.

The event occurred  inside the Carrefour shopping center, in the square just opposite 101CAFFE’ store, has been very successful: may be because of the charming stage and the inviting spaces for guests, maybe because coffee has always a strong appeal, the fact is that the exhibition has sold out.

Stories and legends concerning coffee, healthy properties and, above all: how is roasting carried out in Italy? Why are Italian Roasters so special and known worldwide? 

This event presented a part of the “universe” of Italian Master Roasters who keep their recipes from generations, one different from the other based on the specific geographic area.

Because roasting processing in northern Italy is totally different from the one in the South, due to selection and creation of the blends. That’s why Arabica coffee worked in Milan is very different from the one worked in Palermo, and that’s why Robusta coffee will always be the leader in Naples, although this type of coffee is considered, in the common beliefs, less valuable while it is extraordinarily rich of aromas and precious essential oils. In short, the world of coffee now has less secrets for the customers of Carrefour Shopping Center in Thiene, near Vicenza (Veneto region, North of Italy).

Interesting and amusing at the same time, the event “From bean to cup”, promoted by the 101CAFFE store of Thiene (VI) with the support of Carrefour Mall, was a pleasant and very pragmatic way to the so-called “coffee culture”, this time through “informative capsules” and… cups.

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