Yerevan is the capital and most populous city of Armenia, where 101CAFFE’, on November 2, 2019, has opened its first shop in franchising, the fifth one abroad. For its debut in this market, our Master franchisee chose the main city, characterized by the imposing architecture of the Soviet era, but with a pleasant and relaxed style. Despite the sumptuous urbanism, the inhabitants want to socialize and have fun, also thanks to a very colorful, varied and spicy cuisine, rich in moments of authentic aggregation.

Among local foods and typical desserts, the tradition of Italian coffee, by our brand, is a pioneer in a market not yet dominated by the big players. The first 101CAFFE’ shop fits, in fact, in a context of increasing interest in coffee model and store with coffee bars, confirming itself absolute forerunner in Armenia.

Our proximity store, located in a very busy area crowded with several bars and restaurants, open until late at night, reflects 101CAFFE’ typical brightness and sunny atmosphere of its premises, where customers can appreciate not only pods, capsules, beans, instant or ground coffee but also delicious alternative coffee drinks.

Since its opening, in the new 101CAFFE’ store in Yerevan, in addition to traditional quality blends and delicious gourmet coffee, recalling some scents of this land, you can also appreciate our Premium Caffè Napoletano, that has won “Il Mio Prodotto del Cuore 2019-2020” prize, the Italian version of the prestigious and international “Best Product of the Year”, awarded by the constant trust of customers in our brand.

The opening in Yerevan followed a very careful research and study of the premises: the proximity of some Italian brands coffee bars promotes interest and attention to Made in Italy products and the evolution to coffee bar format.