Pistacchio&Macaron by 101CAFFE’: a gourmand and charming alliance

The first ingredient is macaron, a little pastry whose name comes from the Italian dialectal “maccarone” which claims its Italian character for this typical French dessert.

Ancient sources trace this 16th century’s sweetness to Venice, arrived in France thanks to Caterina de’ Medici who, for an important event, commissioned the cake she brought in 1533, when she married the Duke of Orleans Enrico II of France, to an Italian confectioner.

The other component is pistachio, a three hundred years old tree. The fruit is a drupe containing the seed, commonly called pistachio, which has a bright green color under a purple skin.

101CAFFE’ perfectly combines, in a successful alliance, macaroon delight with pistachio charming taste, where the aroma of espresso creates a really special coffee: Pistacchio&Macaron, for moments of authentic delicacy.

101CAFFE’ Pistacchio&Macaron, available in capsules for Nespresso® coffee machine, as well as in all 101CAFFE’ stores, is also available online at shop.101caffe.it

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