MOKA: a symbol of Italian excellence in the world​

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Pronouncing the word “moka” it evokes perfumes and traditions of the past, an unmistakable and familiar sound, which for nearly a century has linked many people habits. Although the name has exotic references, (Mokha is a city in Yemen, one of the most renowned areas of Arabica coffee production), the origin of the moka is entirely Italian.
Italians morning begins like this: a moka mumbling and a cup of coffee waiting for us, and telling us that today a new day has just begun. The famous “coffee maker” has become, over the years, one of the strongest symbols of Made in Italy that has conquered the entire world.

The history of moka

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The history of homemade coffee dates back to the nineteenth century when in Italy, exactly in Naples, a new tool of French origins, conceived by Morize in 1819, begun to spread. The “Cuccumella”, better known as the “Neapolitan coffee maker”, consisted of a filter filled with unevenly pressed coffee. The water was boiled separately and then poured onto the filter and passed through it, thus allowing coffee to flow down. To use the Neapolitan coffee maker, coffee had to be grounded very fine and had to boil for quite a long time.
In 1933 a new era came in the way of preparing Italian coffee: in the province of Turin, Alfonso Bialetti invents the irreplaceable Moka Express, that will transform the most important ritual for millions of Italian people. Until the second post-war period, the production was mostly handcrafted, reserved for local trade or widespread only in our country. In 1946 Renato, son of Alfonso Bialetti, entered the company: this date marks the beginning of the worldwide success of a device that will make an increasing number of people fall in love and that has made and makes our country famous in every place. Renato Bialetti starts industrial production, marketing his father’s great invention all over the globe and inaugurating new offices in every continent. These are the years of the economic boom, of the increase in average income and the moka becomes an object of widespread consumption. Everyone talks about it and everyone wants it: its image reigns in newspapers and on the first TV commercials. The Moka Express brand becomes very famous, thanks to a nice character who entered the heart of Italians, the “Omino con i baffi” (little man with a mustache), designed by the animator and cartoonist Paul Campani and imprinted in the minds of young and old.
Despite the advancement of technology, which every day offers us new tools and inventions, the moka (still Bialetti is one of the major producers) is always present on the stoves of millions of people, a timeless success which has always remained the same even after decades. Among many Italian inventions, that have changed the world, moka is recognized as one of the best expressions of Italian craftsmanship and design, so much so that it is celebrated in two important international museums, the MoMa in New York and the Triennale di Milano, as well as in houses of those who love coffee. There are different sizes of moka, from one to eighteen cups. Its mechanism has never changed: the boiler is filled with water until it touches the safety valve and the funnel-shaped metal filter is inserted to receive the ground coffee; finally, it is screwed onto the collector and that’s it: the most famous morning drink in the world is born. “A riempire una stanza basta una caffettiera sul fuoco” (To fill a room just a coffee maker on the fire). (Erri De Luca)

How to prepare a good MOKA, better if by 101CAFFE’

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A gesture of hospitality, a break that marks everyday life, a universal way to start the day, a moment to be enjoyed alone or in company.
When we talk about Italian style we cannot fail to mention the usual habit of preparing and drinking coffee: moka brings to mind moments of family sharing, lived around our dear and beloved coffee maker.
Attention to moka has never ceased, indeed it is stronger than before: it is able to fill an entire house with its typical aroma.
To prepare a good moka, coffee must first of all be of quality and must be ground correctly, neither too thin nor too thick. 101CAFFE’ has an unparalleled range of ground coffee for moka, which is characterized by excellence.

We select artisan roasters from north to south of the country which, with their best grains, create exclusive blends, respecting the tradition of recipes and roasting methods typical of the area.
In the ground segment, 101CAFFE’ offers a wide range of Premium blends, from typical regional recipes: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Sicily, Campania, created by roaster according to secret recipes. Among different peculiarities, some recipes by 101CAFFE’ have a special roasting on beech wood, which preserves all aromas, such as for selected Arabica and Robusta Caffè Monte Rosa and Caffè Grand’Aroma, Premium coffee of the Piedmontese tradition. These and many other qualities are contained in ground coffee, coming from Italian roasters artisanship, such as being all freshly ground that, thanks to an internal production process, arrive daily fresh, in all network stores, in special 250-gram packages equipped with aroma protection valve which guarantees original flavors preservation. In the range of ground coffee for moka, 101CAFFE’ offers also single-origin coffee, coming from a single country, from a single geographical area and which stands out for its precise identity of taste and aroma: six mono-origin fresh ground 100% Arabica, roasted in Italy, according to the best artisan tradition.

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101CAFFE’ is always very attentive to consumption trends and enriches its range with exclusive flavored ground coffee, roasted on beech wood, as a result of the obsessive care of Piedmontese roasters, in a slow process that preserves its essential oils and enhances all aroma.
During roasting phase, coffee joins the ingredient of which it gradually acquires its essence, until obtaining beans full of delicious fragrances, ready to be enjoyed with your moka, to gratify or to amaze your guests with original flavors. Also perfect for a gift that will not be forgotten. Natural aromas of chocolate, rum, amaretto, licorice, hazelnut and vanilla, created for moka by our roasters, who combine territorial tradition with creativity of new taste trends. For those who like to dare a little more, 101CAFFE’ offers coffee with chilli pepper and coffee with cayenne pepper, recipes of distant lands and reinterpreted according to the Italian tradition of espresso made with moka.
For those who want to enjoy a moment of comfort, without renouncing the magic of taste, 101CAFFE’ offers cereal drinks in the ground segment, synonymous with flavor, well-being, quality, to be prepared with moka, such as 100% Cicoria Bio (bio chicory), roasted and ground organic chicory root, for a delicately bitter drink with beneficial properties, suitable for everyone as it is caffeine-free, or Orzo all’Anice (barley with anise), ground, toasted with beech wood: star anise has been added to this cereal which gives drink that typical flavor of “sambuca coffee”, a great Italian but non alcoholic classic.

The timeless coffee maker has been reinterpreted by 101CAFFE’ with a touch of elegance and with its signature: completely Made in Italy, in satin black color, with knob and handle with a cherry wood texture, for an ergonomic and safe handle. Moka by 101CAFFE’ is proposed in the traditional version from one to six cups, in the electric version and for induction hobs: for an always perfect espresso, from every point of view, when you like to indulge in a luxury, typical of the Italian tradition.



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