October 1st is the International Coffee Day, established in 2015 by the ICO (International Coffee Organization) and celebrated by the entire supply chain in more than 70 countries worldwide: by those who work around this beverage (the second most drunk in the world after water) and by all coffee lovers.

This year’s theme is “coffee sustainability” to make consumers aware of the environmental, social and economic impact of this precious product of the Earth, starting from sowing to arrive to our daily coffee cups.

There are so many curiosities about coffee, not just concerning taste: it is a daily pleasure, a need, a sensory experience in planty of flavors nuances and sensations, where the common denominator is the passion for this ritual, which link all people of the world, regardless of the different consumer traditions. Coffee in fact is with us in many moments during the day and marks our habits and biological rhythms, it is often an “excuse” to meet each other, to socialize.

101CAFFE’ shares the universality and collectivity of coffee in its own way: with its range of coffees in all its forms and, today more than ever, we can say for all tastes: not only espresso, but also exclusive blends for American coffee, drunk in a large cup and particularly loved in Anglo-Saxon countries; for Turkish coffee, which meets the typical traditions of the Balkans and Middle Eastern countries and a vast selection of premium blends and pure origins, ranging from beans, toasted and raw, to ground, to single-dose for all machines, to instant coffee, in that freedom of choice that well sums up the claim of the brand.

Because the flavour trails start from the equatorial belt of our beautiful planet, where it is born and grows, and arrive in Italy, by the best artisanal coffee roasters selected by 101CAFFE’ for its customers, where the Roaster Masters create unique recipes, real masterpieces of taste, according to the traditions of the single Italian territories, always respecting the raw material.

101CAFFE’ dedicates the International Coffee Day to coffee lovers who wish to discover new aromas, feel the differences and rediscover the harmonies, in respect and in the awareness of the long and complex journey of the beans to reach our coffee cups.

Good International Coffee Day from the entire 101CAFFE team!
Enjoy a coffee tasting in all 101CAFFE stores in Italy and in the world!