Sales staff 5 key skills for a successful store

A sale is not a mere exchange between object and money, but an experience that we can link to an idea of ​​well-being“, says Claudio Zappino, 101CAFFE’ Retail Manager who every day supports 101CAFFE’ stores sale staff and owners in their business management.

And how can you blame him?

Customer entering our shop feels welcomed and pampered, will most likely return to visit us and it is precisely on this aspect we should reflect. In a production and commercial reality such as the current one, in which products tend to be very similar and prices align, attention relationship within the shop has become fundamental and this is the area in which plays “the real game of Retail“.

To be a good seller and above all to guarantee customer a really pleasant and rewarding experience every time he visits our shop, it is necessary to acquire the 5 key skills, making sure that customer really wants to come back to visit us!

But what are these skills? let’s see them together:

1. The seller must know how to create a human and trusting relationship with the customer

It is only with heart that you can truly see, the essential is invisible to the eyes” this is a phrase taken from the Little Prince, written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, which summarizes very well 101CAFFE”s thought on how each customer in the store should be welcomed.
To fully understand a person, you need to listen to your feelings and emotions and dedicate our time to him. Here is our secret that allows us to cultivate deep and sincere relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust.

2. A good seller must know the product he sells

Customer does not simply need a product, customer needs someone who can match product to his specific needs“, says Claudio Zappino.
When promoting and selling a product, it is essential to know well all its characteristics, customer must be accompanied in the purchase by competent personnel. At the same time, one must be able to answer questions in a simple way, avoiding using too technical a language that can make him feel uncomfortable.

3. Seller must have analysis and planning skills

Knowing product thoroughly is not enough, you also need to know market sector in which you operate, differences between your products and those of the competition and above all you need to approach in a clear way the sale objectives to be achieved per month, week and single day.
It is also very important to know how to plan sale, to predict customer’s needs and objections as much as possible, to be able to offer him products he really needs quickly and manage time well.
As Claudio Zappino teaches us, “every sale must be the best, because the final result and success of a shop is the result of many small daily successes“.

4. Seller must be able to manage his emotions

To keep one’s self-esteem high, the good seller must learn to deal with disappointments, considering unsuccessful sales as opportunities to learn from mistakes and improve.
Seller must also be able to put aside his personal concerns and problems, to be 100% present for customer, always keeping a positive attitude that facilitates sale.

5. Seller must be able to convey and increase brand values perception and mission through each individual sale

Finally, here is another competence to which 101CAFFE’ gives importance: seller must be able to show customer what the brand can do for him, how can help him, how can improve his situation and do all this in a “unique” way, keeping in mind that every shopping experience should ideally confirm values ​​and mission on which the brand is based and from which it originated.



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