Tazzulella: the true culture of Italian coffee

Among the wide range of 101CAFFE’, Tazzulella is the classic high-quality Italian espresso, with soft and full-bodied flavour, symbol of tradition and exquisite craftmanship.

Tazzulella is a coffee blend of 50% Arabica from Central America and 50% of Indian Robusta coffee selections, roasted according to a Neapolitan recipe handed down for three generations.

Its honey-coloured cream and toasty notes recall the traditional taste of good home-made espresso.

Thanks to its balanced and harmonious aroma, Tazzulella becomes the favourite coffee blend for those who prefer the traditional flavour of Naples espresso, a city in southern Italy where Tazzulella comes from.

There are many rituals and stories around “na tazzulella ‘e cafè”, the famous Neapolitan ritornello from a traditional Italian song: the true coffee culture to be consumed daily.

Available in pods, capsules, ground and beans for every coffee makers, it is sold in all 101CAFFE’ stores and on our ecommerce.

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