Tiramisù by Costanza

Tiramisu by Costanza is one of the best recipes we could offer to you, not only because it is an optimal combination of taste, simplicity and genuineness, but also because it has been highly appreciated by all 101CAFFE’ Apricena customers (province of Foggia, Puglia, south of Italy). Creator of this delicacy is in fact the owner of this store with its coffee shop, Costanza Baldi, a woman whom we all love for her energy, generosity and creativity she has expressed in her recipe, which represents her a lot!

Ingredients for 10 small glasses


  1. Prepare by putting 3 tablespoons of Pronto Arabica coffee in half a liter of boiling water
  2. Let it cool down
  3. Whip fresh cream together with icing sugar and vanilla sachet; mixture should not be very creamy because it will harden in the refrigerator
  4. Put a knob of cream at the base of each glass
  5. Wet savoiardi biscuits in the cold (unsweetened) instant coffee, squeeze a little to remove the excess liquid and make the layers with biscuits and cream
  6. Sprinkle with bitter cocoa and put 3 pralines for each portion as final touch

Refrigerate for a couple of hours (or, if you like to eat it for breakfast in the morning, prepare the night before!)
Remember that it should be consumed within 2 days.
At 101CAFFE’ we enjoy this recipe, to Costanza’s health!



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