Venice, Italy’s gateway to the East, joins 101CAFFE’ range with freshly ground blend for Turkish coffee

Caffè Venezia by 101CAFFE’ comes from the ancient meeting between East and West, a 100% Premium Arabica coffee with rich taste and intense aromas, influenced by the Arab world coffee tradition.

Towards the end of the 17th century, the history of coffee in Europe began in Venice, the only European city to have a name with Arabic origin, “al-bunduqiyya”, to emphasize how the lagoon capital has been for centuries the main link between Europe and Muslim world on the Mediterranean sea.

Caffè Venezia by 101CAFFE’ combines all these cultural values, joining Turkish tradition of coffee to Italian excellence, giving life to a blend of incomparable elegance, roasted in Italy according to the most prestigious craft tradition.

Turkish coffee is mostly consumed in Middle Eastern countries, in the Arab world and in various areas of the Balkan Peninsula.
To conquer hearts and palates around the world, 101CAFFE’ launches on the market a high-quality blend, very fine grinded to be prepared in the special copper pot called cezve, also known as ibrik’s western name.

Caffè Venezia, first 101CAFFE’ blend produced for Turkish coffee, completes the range of freshly ground coffee: thanks to an innovation in production process, this coffee arrives daily in all stores of the network, immediately after grinding.

Freshly ground coffee Caffè Venezia can be found in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and worldwide, as well as online at shop.101caffe.it

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