Which are the key factors for a successful business?

If you are thinking of opening a shop or starting a business, enthusiasm and passion are fundamental but it is first of all necessary to analyze 3 fundamental key factors:

  1. The choice of location: where will I open my business?
  2. The product: what and how will I sell?
  3. The “human” factor: who will sell the products?

1. The choice of location: where will I open my business?

The choice of location is fundamental and the main factors to be evaluated are the following:

  • the economy of the area
  • the potential user area and whether it is influenced by seasonality
  • if the area in which you intend to open is frequented by people who are really interested in the type of product you intend to sell
  • if it is possible at the fiscal and municipal level to open the shop
  • the cost of the rent which depends on the square footage and the area where the shop is located

As it is easy to understand, identifying the location of a shop is a complex choice that must be considered.
For this reason our company uses commercial space placement agencies, especially when the choice of our franchises is oriented towards particularly strategic locations located in historic city centers or within shopping centers, outlets, retail and travel parks

2. The product: what and how will I sell?

When you decide to start your business, you need to pay attention to the choice of suppliers, making sure that they are companies you can trust and able to respect delivery times and available in case of problems with the goods delivered.

Do not underestimate the customer experience linked to product: in fact, it will be necessary to take care of the set-up and lighting to improve shopping experience, possibly giving the visitor the opportunity to “touch the product with his hand”, try it and appreciate its quality.

3. The “human” factor: who will sell the products?

And finally here is the key element that can determine the success of a business, perhaps more than any other aspect: the “human” factor.
In a production and commercial reality such as the current one, in which products tend to be very similar and prices increasingly align, within the shop, attention to the relationship has returned to being fundamental:
We have to go back to the past” – says 101CAFFE’ CEO & Founder Umberto Gonnella “like when we went to the shop near home and we could talk to our trusted shopkeeper“.

Customer often enters the shop with the idea of ​​finding a solution to a problem without a precise idea of ​​the product he needs and it is precisely by responding to this need for assistance that today it is possible to differentiate from the competition, obtaining an increase in visits to the store, as well as a positive word of mouth that will bring new sales.