101CAFFE’ for Healthytude: the event celebrating well-being

101CAFFE’, sensitive to well-being philosophy, took part in Healthytude event, held at the Mall of Milan, in the new beating district of Porta Nuova, from 21 to June 23, 2019, organized by Campus Fandango Club and EY, under the patronage of Assolombarda. 

Among health, nutrition and sport, 101CAFFE’ was present thanks to its coffee corner dedicated to recharge all participants with hot drinks and herbal teas allied to well-being, such as Zenzerina, herbal tea available in capsules for coffee makers, with an exotic and refreshing taste, Caffè Verdegano which combines the beneficial properties of green coffee with Ganoderma flavor, to regenerate body and mind. 101CAFFE’ has adapted the philosophy of Helthytude to its well-being attitude and taste.