101CAFFE’ Lemon Tea: a delicious healthy drink for every season

The origins of tea are very old and many legends and rituals taking place over the centuries have made tea a very important moment of rest and conviviality.

Nowadays tea is widespread all over the world, with its seductive aroma and delicious colors, a drink particularly loved and appreciated for its flavor, its unique and original ceremonial and also its excellent properties.
With 101CAFFE’ Lemon Tea you can relive the harmony of the ancient ritual, an aromatic and delicious drink you can enjoy in leaf or as instant tea, with lemon juice, suitable for any coffee maker.You can have it cold in summer, due to its refreshing properties, or drink it warm during winter days. A simple daily habit that will bring you the revitalizing taste of Sicily lemons and the intense fragrances of the East, where tea leaves come from.

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