101Caffè takes part in the solidarity lottery of the Charitable Institution “Opera Cardinal Ferrari”, in Milan: “A small action for a great work”

Love is in the air and smells of 101CAFFE’

Two of the prizes are offered by 101CAFFE’: coffee machines, mokas, coffee and instant drinks for any machine, pastry products and accessories such as the beautiful tin boxes dedicated to Milan, the city where this Charitable Institution was founded in 1921.

Actions shared with Opera Cardinal Ferrari to help poor and needy people

MILAN – A coffee makes you feel at home, even those who don’t have a home. The “Carissimi” know it well: this Italian word means “the dearest ones” and this is  how the  Opera Cardinal Ferrari calls its guests. OCF is the most important Milanese non-profit organization that has been welcoming homeless and poor people for 100 years, with the purpose of helping them to face the hard and precarious days and to recover a decent life.

For its hundredth anniversary, which falls at a very particular historical and epidemiological moment, the Opera Cardinal Ferrari has launched the “100 Years Lottery”, a way to introduce citizens to this important non-profit organization and to raise funds.

101Caffè has been donating coffee and hot beverages to OCF Charitable Institution for a long time, but the company also wanted to take part to the lottery, involving all the brand’s stores throughout Italy (today 120 units)

So 101CAFFE has planned the initiative called “Un piccolo gesto per una grande Opera”, which literally means “A small action for a great work” (“Opera” in Italian means “huge work” )

This initiative involves all the 101CAFFE’ franchise stores of the brand with a symbolic gift, the benefit of which will go to the “Dearest”. 

We bought one lottery ticket for each of the 120 shops. In case they win, the prize will be left to the Opera Cardinal Ferrari and given to the most needy people, at the discretion of OCF itself.“, Explains Umberto Gonnella, founder and CEO of 101Caffè.

12 are the prizes offered through this non-profit organization, thanks to the donations of some supporting companies.

2 of the prizes are offered by 101CAFFE: coffee makers, mokas (Italian most popular coffee brewing system) coffee and beverages (ground, pods and capsules), pastry products and accessories such as tin boxes for coffee, dedicated to Milan, the city where the OCS was founded in 1921 by Cardinal Ferrari. 

Coffee moments at OCS Charitable Institution

“Questi oggetti non solo fanno parte della nostra gamma di prodotti, ma hanno anche molto a che fare con l’identità dell’Opera: la dignità nelle cose semplici, la gioia di riti quotidiani a cui nessuno dovrebbe mai rinunciare, oggetti per condividere momenti di intimità, di solidarietà, di calore”: sono ancora le parole di Umberto Gonnella, che definiscono bene lo spirito con cui l’azienda dona periodicamente alla Onlus milanese i suoi prodotti per i Carissimi.

“These objects not only are part of our products range but also have a lot to do with the identity of OCS: the dignity found in simple things, the joy of daily rituals that no one should ever give up, objects to share moments of familiarity, solidarity, warmth ”: these are still the words of Umberto Gonnella, which well explain the spirit of 101CAFFE which periodically donates its products for the Dearest of this Milanese Charity Foundation.

The moment of a good coffee

And he adds: “Our franchisees were very happy to be part of the initiative A small action for a great work and are helping to spread it to customers and followers, highlighting one of the values ​​of the 101Caffè brand: the social responsibility“.

“We are very happy to know that many of the 101Caffè stores in Italy are already involved with charity actions though local institutions and associations, since this represents the mindset that connects all of us: people are at the center of everything. This furtherly  inspires us to keep on acting this way also as a Group and as Franchisor. “

are Umberto Gonnella’s conclusion words, who defines the initiative even better: “The house is a place of shelter and welcome; today more than ever we are proud to lend a hand to the Opera Cardinal Ferrari Charity Institution, made up of tangible daily actions, of altruism and great help to recover leaving with dignity”.

The 100-years Lottery prize draw in OCS House will take place on March 6th 2021

Another “Dearest”

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A small action of a coffee, for a great work: the one that the Opera Cardinal Ferrari Charity Institution does every day, to make a small part of the world a better place to live.



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