The cool transparency of the ice, the colors of an unforgettable summer, the taste of the freedom to choose among flavors with 101 different facets: sweet, bitter, intense, light, full-bodied, classic, special.
This is the world we find in 101CAFFE’, the stores with the world’s largest selection of coffee and beverages for all coffee makers, including for summer.

101 tastes

The protagonists are the coffees and beverages that can be enjoyed cold

All it takes is a coffee maker, a little imagination and a desire for cool flavor.

The pride of place goes to mocha lovers, with which one can make truly special cocktails.
How? 101CAFFE”s line of flavored coffees is distinguished by the very high quality of the Arabica and Robusta blend, to which ingredients are added directly in the roasting process.
From aniseed to ginger, there’s one for every flavor and every day of your summer.

Sorbets and coffee shakes: from Aniseed to Ginger

Let’s start with ginger-flavored coffee, with which you can also make delicious sorbets like this one and 101 flavors of coffee shakes with rum flavored coffee , with chocolate with a touch of verve, with coconut for those who love exotic flavors.
Or simply a coffee shake with your favorite classic blend, perhaps enriched with dried fruit, as in this recipe.

The colors of summer, on the rocks!

The bright pink of a cream and strawberry cake in a big glass, with lots of ice, can be served immediately and is ready to be enjoyed, including as a snack! All you need is any Nespresso®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® or Lavazza a Modo Mio® coffee machine and a 101CAFFE’ Strawberry and Cream Cake capsule: suitable for everyone, as it contains no caffeine, you can garnish this exquisite drink with mint leaves or coconut grains, or enjoy it as it is in all its freshness.

Also without caffeine, and with an unmistakable blue color, we have the Unicorn Milk with which you can make micro and maxi shakes and delight both adults and children with a fun game with ice and “shake shake shake”. The Unicorn Milk from 101CAFFE’ is part of the “Wellness Line”, which we’ve talked about in this article.

Among our clients’ favorite cold drinks, we couldn’t fail to mention 101CAFFE’’s Golden Milk: its golden color, given by turmeric, becomes exquisitely refreshing if you add a couple of ice cubes, perhaps made with coconut milk…

Coffees of every kind and type, gourmet and wellness drinks, alternative and colorful flavors—but that’s not all: 101CAFFE”s range of teas, infusions and herbal teas ensures everyone is included in a healthy and thirst-quenching taste experience.

TEAS, INFUSIONS, HERBAL TEAS: how to enjoy them in summer?

For those who love leaf teas and those who prefer instant teas, for those who want organic and those who choose compostable tea, including in pods and capsules, 101CAFFE’ has the answer: the choice ranges from classic black tea, green tea and red tea, to be enjoyed with ice and lemon, to more imaginative and alluring teas: berry, spice, orange and cinnamon, lime and lemon (101CAFFE”s beloved Lim Lim), or mint tea such as the Marrakech or the Matcha & Mint, which can all be prepared with the quick and clean action of putting in a capsule.

Fresh taste and sustainability are in perfect harmony with 101CAFFE”s compostable capsules, which offer taste experiences that are like nothing you’d imagine: such as the hemp leaf infusion (compatible with Nespresso® machines), created with a selection of cannabis sativa finola (EU certified seeds) with a pleasantly herbal taste.
You should absolutely try it with ice and, if you want, with a slice of lime, to get a fresh drink with relaxing and thirst-quenching properties. To learn more about this product, read this article on our blog. 

At this point, we can only invite you to find and try out the 101 flavors for your summer at your local 101CAFFE’ store or online. 101 days won’t be enough for you to try them all…



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