Would you ever image that such large leaves could conceal such great versatility?

Used variously in cooking, for phytotherapic and galenic purposes and in cosmetics, the green leaves with their unmistakable fragrance form part of the sensorial experience of each of us. It is commonly used for sweets and chewing gum, historically linked to mint and an integral part of their identity.
It is even a “four seasons” plant: an infusion of mint drunk hot is soothing and helps fight off typical winter illnesses; drunk cold, perhaps with a little ice, it refreshes the mind and spirit and is an excellent thirst-quencher.

Passion for mint

The versatility of mint passes through 101CAFFE’ and is evident in its each and every form: in leaves and in a soluble form, pods and capsules for your coffee machine, filtered, in flavoured sugar and naturally with coffee.
For every coffee machine and for every need, for any time of the day and evening and for every flavour.
In fact, the flavour of mint is ideal to be tasted as nature intended or even sweetened slightly with brown sugar.
Undoubtedly the pod and capsule versions are the most popular for anyone looking for practicality and rapidity, qualities offered by these dispensing systems.
The Milan trademark with the widest range worldwide of coffees and soft drinks for all types of machines simply had to include such a popular and versatile element.
As such there is no limit to form: from capsules for Nespresso® machines to those for the various Lavazza® models, from Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® to pods for the Ese 44 system machines, the keywords are freshness, quality, taste and made in Italy.

Some examples? The Matcha and Mint herbal tea that, with the addition of liquorice, gives an indulgence of taste and well-being thanks to the main active ingredients, including those of matcha, a Japanese tea with its numerous beneficial properties. Marrakech herbal tea, where mint leaves are classically mixed with green tea according to Moroccan tradition, are available in a capsule form, which means being able to prepare the drink easily and quickly.

Together with other precious natural elements, 101CAFFE’ has created a number of delicious high-quality herbal teas using a selection of leaves and blossoms. This includes the Tisana Dopo Pasto, an after-meal tea in which mint creates a perfect synergy with fennel seeds, green anise and rhubarb root: a very popular alternative to coffee for anyone who, after a veritable feast, enjoys savouring a hot drink with digestive properties What it shares with coffee is the time necessary for preparation: just a few seconds and the simple use of a pod.

Quality of sleep can also be improved with mint; experts vouch for it. That’s why 101CAFFE’ Tisana Riposo, a herbal tea to aid rest, has been blended with some very fragrant green leaves, those of lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile flowers, orange blossom, hawthorn and valerian. All enclosed in compostable pods that, like treasure chests, preserve and encapsulate the peculiarities and the flavour of this delicious drink.

In the magic world of 101CAFFE’, coffee is the protagonist: combined with mint and accompanied by chocolate, Cioccomentino is a sophisticated and elegant classic of Italian tradition, proposed in capsules for all the Nespresso®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® and Lavazza® A Modo Mio® machines.

Immerse yourself in the 101CAFFE’ range and satisfy your passion for mint, with a sensorial experience that you can enjoy every day in the 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and around the world or online.



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