What else? HEMP for Nespresso machines!

infuso canapa 101 caffè

Created for consumption purposes, “Finola” hemp is one of those plants that is currently arousing the curiosity and interest of an ever-increasing number of customers as a result of its beneficial properties that have been long-recognised by science.
The oil obtained from Finola hemp is known for its rich omega 3 and omega 6 properties.

Now in compostable capsules!

The good news is that you can now enjoy a tasty and healthy hemp sativa infusion using any Nespresso coffee machine system at home, thanks to the capsules that 101CAFFE has recently brought to the shelves of many shops in both Italy and around the world.
Its grassy flavour with fresh citrus notes, make it a great choice for a herbal tea either in the evening or at any time during the day when you need a moment of relaxation.

The capsules are compostable, therefore can be disposed of in the wet waste; 101CAFFE Hemp is also good for the planet! Produced from EU certified seeds of carefully-selected crops, Finola has a high CBD content (the main beneficial active ingredient) and low levels of THC (less than 0.2%).

The beneficial properties of hemp in a compostable single-serving capsule are part of a range of products that 101CAFFE has designed for lovers of quality infusions and herbal leaf teas, but who don’t want to miss out on the convenience of using a capsule.



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