Biscottella by 101CAFFE’: a sweet temptation to be discovered

A delicious coffee-based drink with biscuit and cinnamon flavour.
A perfect marriage that combines the sweetness of biscuit with the spicy taste of cinnamon.
In fact the name Biscottella comes from the Italian words “biscotto” (biscuit) and “cannella” (cinnamon).

Biscottella by 101CAFFE’ is  very low in caffeine and can be drunk in any time of the day by those who like to taste an alternative “cup of coffee”. The union of coffee taste, cinnamon spicy aroma and biscuit sweetness is really appreciated by people who love contrasting aromas, for a balanced and unique coffee-flavoured hot drink.

Biscottella by 101CAFFE’ is available in capsules, to be easily used everyday with your Nespresso® and Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® coffee makers,  in every 101CAFFE’ store and at shop.101caffe.it

Discover Biscottella for Nespresso®

Discover Biscottella for Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®