By 101CAFFE’ moms team tell about themselves for Mother’s Day

Parallel but confluent stories, personal and objective at the same time, mark 101CAFFE’ brand and its franchising stores origin. Everything starts from beans, that give rise to coffee in all its forms, but company’s history starts also from a mom and Mother’s Day is a good reason to tell it. Without a doubt, maternal figure is fundamental in each of us life and often she conditions our choices; a continuous source of inspiration, she can be the “architect” of our successes.

Below, what this has to do with 101CAFFE’: its founder, Umberto Gonnella, owes his mother the decisive push to create the company, thanks to an illuminating conversation. In fact, 10 years ago Mrs. Anna (Umberto’s mother) was convinced, but really convinced, that the well-known Nespresso coffee brand was Italian, deducing it from the name and from the pounding advertising! Umberto had to use his smartphone, showing her that the multinational from which that coffee brand was born is Swiss. Umberto, who had been observing and studying the emerging Nespresso portioned coffee market for some time, started to reflect a lot on that episode. Mrs. Anna was the spark that started all this. “How has a globalized food industry managed to get into my mother’s mind, making her believe that this is the real Italian espresso, after 75 years of loyalty to Lavazza moka?”.

Here the circle closes, the story flows into the other, Umberto’s mother was the engine that allowed the realization of all this: the birth of a successful brand like 101CAFFE’, with the mission of giving Italian motherhood back to espresso coffee, in all its forms, in Italy and worldwide. Many mothers are part of the great 101CAFFE’ team and for Mother’s Day we have collected their thoughts on being both mother and worker, because there are so many mothers in the company: from franchisees women that combine work in store with their mother role, discovering the beauty of being with their children even while they are working, living the shop as a second home, while sons are studying in the back or invite friends to take “mom’s coffee”, to working mothers in offices and production, where being mother and grandmother, let’s face it, is not considered a “brake” on profitability, but on the contrary a great added value for company.

Mother’s Day, which in Italy falls on the second Sunday of May, is celebrated in many countries, with different dates and methods, but the desire to thank mothers for all that they have given us, unconditionally, is universal: thanks to all mothers in the world and to mothers who work by 101CAFFE’, who combine love for their family with the daily passion for the work they do, thanks to a company that doesn’t have any prejudice in including mothers in their staff.
So, W Mothers and Happy Mothers Day!