By 101CAFFE’ our Christmas starts with Santa Claus

Santa Claus has decided to make a special stop. It may have been the scent of rousing coffee that led him to us: we have found him prowling in our plant, among coffee beans, ground, pods and capsules, after parking his sledge pulled by reindeers, as if it were a bright red BRT truck, dazed by our blends smell.

When he saw Il Caffè di Natale (Christmas Coffee), he was almost moved: “you dedicated a coffee that bears my name, may I take a selfie? I can only imagine elves and goblins’ envy!”

The bellied and bearded Santa Claus finally opted for a more traditional picture, as he wouldn’t like to give the impression to be too frivolous, but happy to have left with a load of delicious gifts and his favorite one: Il Caffè di Natale.



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