Caffè Napoletano and Zucchero alla Nocciola by 101CAFFE’ take parte in “Il Mio Prodotto del Cuore 2019/2020” award

Last year consumers decreed Nocciolino by 101CAFFE’ winner of “Il Mio Prodotto del Cuore 2018-2019” award, the Italian version of the prestigious and international “Best Product of the Year”. For the award edition 2019-2020, 101CAFFE’ is in competition with two products of its range: Caffè Napoletano and Zucchero alla Nocciola, the latter belonging to “Le Sfiziosità”, a brand owned by 101CAFFE’ including small pastry products. The elements to be considered by voting consumers are very interesing: quality-price evaluation, product presentation,end-user satisfaction, all features that 101CAFFE’ is fully sharing in its two excellent “candidates” in this competition: Caffè Napoletano (category “Coffee”) and Zucchero alla Nocciola (Hazelnut-flavoured sugar) in category “Sugar”.

Why should we vote for them? Let’s find out together:

Caffè Napoletano is one of the most intense and popular 101CAFFE’ blend, a truly excellent artisan coffee from Neaples, where the Master coffee Roasters who created  this blend is located. A Premium blend of highly selected 100% Robusta coffee, perfect for those who like to savour the full strength of the coffee bean which, in the cup, turns into an exquisite elixir.  Caffè Napoletano is rich in essential oils that give it that typical nut-coloured cream and toasted notes. Caffè Napoletano is perfect for those who like the energy-boosting effect of a robust, intense cup of coffee in the morning, when taste and energy together make the day starting well. Available in eco-friendly pods, ground, beans and capsules for all coffee makers: Nespresso®, Lavazza A Modo Mio®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza Espresso Point®, in every 101CAFFE’ store and online on shop.101caffe.it

Zucchero alla Nocciola (Hazelnut flavoured Sugar) is part of “Le Sfiziosità”, the small-format line of artisan pastry products. It is a delicious alternative to traditional sugar to give your coffee, desserts and cakes an irresistible hazelnut aroma, ideal also as a base for cocktails and thirst-quenching summer drinks, to amaze your guests, thanks to its taste and sweetness. Available in a 300 gr glass jar, in any 101CAFFE’ store and online on shop.101caffe.it

Give your vote and share it anywhere: with your choice, you can make the difference and help 101CAFFE’ winning “Il Mio Prodotto del Cuore 2019-2020” award.
Up for grabs, there are precious hi-tech gifts!

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