Coffee for moka in 101CAFFE’ stores is freshly ground

Coffee in all its shapes: pods,capsules, instant, beans and grinded for the mocha, coffee is reinvented according the current consumption trends but always respecting the Italian tradition in selecting, grinding and roasting.

New tasting experiences drive the choice for a coffee blend and the way to enjoy it. As far as coffee in concerned, 101CAFFE’ has always the right answer that satisfies the most demanding consumers and market trends, also when the choice is among ground coffee which, if perfectly done, preserves its aromas and properties.
101CAFFE’ is very careful to the new trends and to the influences coming from all over the world in coffee consumption, but knows that Italian tradition is a fundamental point for its customers; that’s why the coffee range is now more powerful with freshly ground coffee.

Thanks to an innovation in production process, this coffee arrives daily in all the stores of the network immediately after grinding.

But be careful on how it is conserved: thanks to a “one-way valve”, (also called “freshness-preserving valve”), put in the front part of the pack, the natural coffee fermentation gas goes out but without allowing the air to get in. This preserves the full aromas of the coffee blends, and you will enjoy them in your coffee cup.

That’s why if you visit a 101CAFFE’ shop you will feel the fragrance of freshly ground coffee entering your nose and your soul! The range of ground coffee is completed with the new line of 101CAFFE’ Mokas, with different sizes and for every kind of cookers. 101CAFFE freshly ground coffee can be found in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and worldwide; online at shop.101caffe.it

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