May 18: all 101CAFFE’ stores are ready for an energetic restart

Although technology helps you feel less alone in these months of isolation, there is nothing that can truly replace human warmth, the joy of a friendly look, the awareness that there is someone who takes care of you. This is the empathy and spirit with which we have tried to reassure and welcome, in this dramatic period, all people who choose us every day, making together a new journey. Despite the lockdown of the past few weeks, most of 101CAFFE’ franchising stores have done their utmost to make home deliveries and to continue relationships with customers:

“We never really stopped, we actually moved into houses in different ways, through computers, tablets, mobile phones, discovering the great pleasure of gratitude: that of our customers. In addition to digital support, about 65% of brand’s stores not only remained open during the pandemic, being grocery stores, but most of them also made home deliveries, rediscovering the pleasure of taking care of our customers, who have shown us sincere gratitude for never having felt alone “, says Umberto Gonnella, CEO and founder of 101CAFFE ‘.

From May 18 is starting a new phase that marks the restart of our country with the reopening of most economic activities, according to safety protocols. 101CAFFE’ franchising stores are also heading towards full reopening, in compliance with all hygiene and behavioral rules imposed by the Government to contain infections. Home delivery service also continues.

With the end of lockdown and reopening of shops, even more than before 101CAFFE’ believes in its mission, to bring every day taste and aroma of selected and high quality Italian coffee blends into Italian homes and abroad, now by investing in innovative retail models, such as takeaway and delivery services format.

Covid-19 has effectively prevented but at the same time strengthened one of the most urgent passions and needs of Italians: meeting, being together, sharing spaces and moments. We understood it by talking to those who, in this period of forced retirement, wanted to think about their future, considering new possible professional paths, including franchising formula offered by 101CAFFE’. Our company has worked a lot for these people, thanks to webinars, skype and phone calls and other remote communication systems. The result? An unusual number of applications for the opening of takeaway coffee shops, throughout national territory, which we have interpreted as a way to affirm the common desire for redemption, to share the joy that coffee moment gives, to demonstrate that sociality is never given up. All this can be done, even with the awareness that, for a certain period of time, methods will be different from usual “, adds U. Gonnella.

Retail sector certainly cannot start from where it stopped and 101CAFFE’ customer experience has therefore been rethought by focusing more and more on technology to make purchases and to continue to communicate, inquire, cultivate relationships, served and pampered in total safety.